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How Happy are Your Employees?

Think employee retention and turnover rates are the ultimate
indicators of employee satisfaction? Think again. Just because John Smith and
Jane Doe haven’t handed in their resignation and headed for the door doesn’t
mean they’re happy.

Recent studies suggest that a significant portion of the
workforce is disgruntled.Read more

Launch a Five @ 5:00™ campaign

We’re pleased to bring you a guest blog post by Taavo Godtfredsen, an
Executive Producer at Skillsoft.

Taavo Godtfredsen 

for a simple and sticky approach to promoting a culture of learning and
employee driven development?Read more

Webinar: Meeting Business Needs Leads to an Elearning Culture

In order for elearning to be effective, organizations must have a strategy in place for implementing elearning, integrating it with other company initiatives, and driving ongoing use.

While putting programs in place, it can be challenging for many organizations to get employees to embrace elearning.Read more