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Is Your Organisation Prepared for a Compliance Audit?

Is Your Organisation Prepared for a Compliance Audit?

Despite the near-constant barrage of reports about the risks of non-compliance or the latest GDPR breaches and fines, the data tells us that UK companies are struggling to achieve complete compliance. A 2018 Baker McKenzie survey of over 500 companies found that 52% of large UK corporates have unresolved compliance issues yet to be discovered by a regulator.Read more

Is Your Organisation Prepared for a Flood or a Fire?

Firefighter extinguishing a fire

We all watched in horror and disbelief as smoke billowed from a burning Notre-Dame. It was a stark reminder of the vulnerability of buildings, even those that have withstood countless attacks and bombings. It is also a reminder to all that nothing is permanent, and although the French firefighters managed to save the main bell towers and outer walls of the cathedral, this is not always the case.Read more

Environmental, Safety and Health Compliance—More than 40 Years of Progress

Did you know that in 1969 one of America’s rivers was so polluted with oil and trash that it caught fire?  That forty years ago on average, 38 U.S. workers died on the job each day?

In 1970, Congress passed laws to protect both human health and the environment.Read more