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IEDP survey reveals senior executives are receptive to online learning but lack understanding of…

Skillsoft today announced the
results of a survey that reveals the vast majority of senior executives are
open to using technology in a development context, but they lack an
understanding of the current online learning options that are available to them.Read more

Exploring Digital Immigrant Perceptions Toward Leadership Development

We’re pleased to bring you a guest post by Roderick Millar, Managing Editor at IEDP, the executive development information portal and of Developing Leaders magazine. Find more at

By Roderick Millar, Managing Editor, IEDP

If you ask a leader whether they would like to engage with a learning program that fits around their schedule, does not involve travel, allows them to interact with peers and experts, gives them direct access to the latest thought leadership and is often less expensive than a traditional learning program, it is not surprising that they tend to agree that this would be a wonderful thing.Read more