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3 Critical Shifts for the SMB IT Department

By Nicole Young

Gartner recently surveyed mid-market CIOs to learn more about the unique business demands and challenges they are up against in the face of a changing IT landscape. They found that today’s SMB IT departments are overhauling the way they hire, operate and interact with other units of the organization to become more in-line with business objectives.Read more

Skillsoft’s new series helps professionals achieve PMI® Agile Certification

To help professionals prepare for the PMI Agile Certification exam, Skillsoft today announced a solution based on the exam that establishes a baseline of understanding regarding agile philosophy, concepts, and general practices for project managers.

The popularity of agile development continues to grow, as organizations look for ways to cut costs, and save time and resources, while reducing overall risk in the software
development process.  But how do IT professionals get up-to-speed on all the agile skills required for success?Read more

Skillsoft Mentoring Services Offers Study Tips

Skillsoft Mentoring Services Offers Study Tips

Skillsoft Mentoring Services provide online support, guidance and encouragement to learners to help them and their organizations maximize business performance. The online resource, a team of mentors that hold more than 1,000 certifications and accreditations, utilizes a combination of learning content, information resources, flexible learning technologies and support services to help professionals advance their careers and contribute to the success of their organizations.Read more

Delivering IT Training to Those in Need

Earning IT certifications can help individuals do their jobs more effectively and keep IT operations running smoothly. While this may be a great value-add for some, for others it can actually be life changing!  SkillSoft customer CompTIA helps individuals at risk of falling below the poverty line—as well as candidates under-represented in the IT industry such as minorities, women, veterans and displaced workers—to prepare for, secure, and succeed in IT careers by offering  free IT certification training.Read more

Lending a Hand with Learning

Timothy Burford, a once homeless Iraqi war veteran, tells his inspiring story of overcoming obstacles to secure a job in IT. Burford earned several IT certifications through the Creating IT Futures Foundation, a non-profit that helps individuals at risk of falling below the poverty line prepare for careers in the IT field.Read more