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Taking Inventory on your “Bench Strength”: Research from Gartner, Inc.

Do you know your “bench
strength?” Workforce development, recruiting, talent management and succession
planning – when, and where, does the assessment take place for these functions?

As Gartner,
, reported in a research
brief, Inventory Your IT Skills and
Competencies to Meet Business Needs
, each of these disciplines should begin
with a well-informed survey of your organization’s skills and competencies, or
your company’s “bench strength.”

According to Gartner, less
than one-third of IT organizations have a formal workforce planning solution.Read more

Addressing the IT Skills Shortage

Keeping up with rapidly changing technology is one of the
biggest challenges for IT professionals. It’s no surprise that CompTIA's U.S.-only study found that only 44%
of those surveyed were "exactly where they want to be" or "very
close to where they want to be" with their IT staffing.Read more

Transform the Value of Your Data

Big data is becoming one of the
most important technology trends, with the potential to dramatically change the
way organizations do business.  If you need to develop or manage big data
solutions, you’ll appreciate how expert authors of Big Data for
, Judith Hurwitz and Marcia Kaufman, define and explain this
new and often confusing concept.Read more

Can You Spot a Complex Threat?

and mitigate security threats by understanding how Security Analysts develop
their skills and how your organization can facilitate that process.

Attend a complimentary
webinar on Wednesday, July 10, 12-1 p.m. EDT

Risler, Systems Engineer and Technical Education Consultant, Cisco Systems,
will discuss key security competency areas and the tools used by security
professionals.Read more

Are you ready for web standards in advertising?

We’re pleased to
bring you a guest post by John Percival, an author featured in the Skillsoft®
Books24x7® ITPro collection. John is the author of a new book, HTML5

By John Percival

you’re a front-end developer or web designer, you know the importance of web
standards.Read more