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Why training your IT department is the first step in protecting your company from a cyberattack

By Jim Zimmermann

Why training your IT department is the first step in protecting your company from a cyberattack

One of the “Big Four” accountancy firms made the news headlines in September 2017 following the announcement that they suffered a major hack of their systems and data. This demonstrated two things:

#1 Cyberattacks are not stopping any time soon.Read more

Key Trends in Information and Communications Technology (ICT): A Look at 2016 and Beyond

Key Trends in Information and Communications Technology (ICT): A Look at 2016 and Beyond

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry is experiencing profound change across a broad range of areas.  The following evolving trends play a significant role and impact on society and therefore ICT:

  • Anytime, anywhere, any device access to communications, content, commerce, and applications: Consumer Cloud Services is a concept involving the storage of various consumer electronic items in “the cloud” for the benefit of anytime, anywhere, any device access. Read more

Top Five Warning Signs that your IAM Program is About to Fail

By Ertem Osmanoglu

Over the past 10 years, the risk and threat landscape has changed significantly and organizations are facing more complex and coordinated attacks from both within and outside. The traditional business and IT boundaries are rapidly disappearing as cloud, mobile, social networking and other IT consumer trends gain traction.Read more

3 Critical Shifts for the SMB IT Department

By Nicole Young

Gartner recently surveyed mid-market CIOs to learn more about the unique business demands and challenges they are up against in the face of a changing IT landscape. They found that today’s SMB IT departments are overhauling the way they hire, operate and interact with other units of the organization to become more in-line with business objectives.Read more

Industry Awards Continue to Highlight Skillsoft as an Industry Leader

By John Ambrose

We’re very excited to share that over the course of the past six months, we’ve continued to see a variety of industry publications and organizations recognize our work and success in the learning technology space.Read more

Drive Innovation and Collaboration with the “Everyone’s IT” Approach

By Jim Zimmermann

In my recent experience speaking with CIO’s from across the globe, I found they Gartner_thumbnail_Everyones_CIO_finalwere all concerned with IT training and development, and although they were concerned about training on technical topics, they were more interested in providing business skills training to their IT staff.Read more

CIOs in Oz: Leveraging Business Training with IT Professionals

By Jim Zimmermann

First off, Oz is a nickname that Australians give to their country–so no, we aren’t discussing CIOs “somewhere over the rainbow!”

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Australia to meet with CIOs at the CIO Strategy Summit in Melbourne and to present Skillsoft’s IT skills development offerings to Skillsoft’s customers and prospects.Read more

Mobile Commerce, Payments, NFC/RFID and Big Data

By the Mind Commerce Staff

There was an explosion in mobile payment service launches, joint ventures, and partnerships in the 2011-2012 period, along with announcements of new initiatives that would run into 2013 and beyond.  Merchants are starting to appreciate the benefits that mobile payments can bring, with major chains including Starbucks and McDonald’s launching services on a national basis.Read more