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Developing Women Leaders in the Workplace – A Case for Gender Diversity and Business Success

By Priti Shah

The need for more women leaders in the workforce is undeniable. According to an International Labor Organization report, less than five percent of public companies listed in global stock exchanges are led by women and only three countries out of the 200 surveyed have a majority of companies managed by women.Read more

Continuous Learning: Training for the Time-Strapped Manager

By Lynn Gallin

Effective learning cannot be treated as an event; it must be treated as an ongoing, daily process.

More than a century ago, German psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus pioneered an experimental study of memory. He discovered that if a learner does not apply newly acquired knowledge within six hours, he will only retain 50 percent of what he learned.Read more

Take Control of Your L&D Destiny: Build a Self-Developing Organization

By: Peter Kokkinos

Globalization and technology are rapidly changing how organizations operate. These changes are influencing a distinct shift in the skills needed by organizations to execute on business goals and remain competitive.

Although baby boomers are exiting the workforce in record numbers, governments worldwide are encouraging the organizations to employ mature age workers, and for mature age workers to remain in the workforce for longer.Read more

End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution – Live Webcast with Lisa Bodell

By Lynn Gallin

“Old habits die hard.” We’ve all heard the saying. Whether in our personal or professional lives, we have at some point fell victim to it. In business especially, it’s exceptionally hard to affect change, both in ourselves and in the teams that we work with.Read more

How Do You Really Know if Your Organization’s Leadership Development Efforts are Successful?

By Taavo Godtfredsen

There is often major gap between what leaders know versus what they actually do.  For instance, you can put your leaders through a world-class program on effective coaching, but how many, as they operate at a frenetic pace, then make coaching others a regular priority, much less a mindset? Read more

Conversations in Leadership: ‘I Didn’t Sign Up for This!’

By Shawn Hunter

From difficult people to difficult circumstances, we all face some degree of difficulty in our every life, whether at work or at home. How we overcome these difficulties is often what defines us as human beings.Read more

Join us Jan. 21 for a Game-Changing Webinar on Leadership Development

By Taavo Godtfredsen

According to a recent report from Brandon Hall, 75% of respondents said their leadership development programs are ineffective. That’s an alarming—and frankly, unacceptable—number, especially given the amount of time, money and other resources organizations invest in leadership development initiatives.Read more

Deltek’s Team Approach to Leadership Development Creates Business Impact

Customer Spotlight on Deltek

By Pat Golden and Jodi Atkinson

Deltek is among the largest global enterprise software and information solutions providers for project-based organizations in the professional services and government contracting industries. As you can imagine, being a large and growing global organization with a 30-year history presents many challenges beyond the usual learning and development barriers for effective leadership training.Read more

Are You Ready to Innovate, Influence and Create Impact in Your Organization?

By Glenn Nott

Skillsoft’s flagship event is fast approaching—an event where L&D leaders will come together to share and discuss how learning has evolved to better serve the global marketplace and keep pace with technological change.

Skillsoft Perspectives Australia & New Zealand, now in its 16th consecutive year, will see more than 120 learning and development decision makers from business, government and education providers gather at Swissotel Sydney on 27 August 2014 to find out how they can “innovate, influence and impact” through innovative learning and development approaches within their own organizations.Read more