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Use eLearning to Train New Managers Efficiently: A Working Example

elearning: a cost-effective training solution

By Tony Glass

BAE Systems is the largest defense and security company in the UK with approximately 34,800 employees based over 50 sites. When resources were prioritised for mandatory, regulatory and senior management training, the company needed to look for alternative, less costly ways to develop new managers.Read more

Developing Leaders at All Levels with Cloud-Based Learning

By Tim Redfern

An astounding 71 percent of survey respondents in Brandon Hall Groups 2015 State of Leadership Development Study cited that their leaders are not ready to lead their organization into the future. Why are organizations failing to effectively develop leaders, and how can we increase the number of ready leaders in 2016 and beyond?Read more

Know Your Assets for Significance: Part Two – Your Greatest Talents

By Dan Coughlin

Your talents for making a significant difference in your organization are the skills you are able to do better than anything else you do that can help your organization to be more successful.

Since 1998 I’ve worked directly with about 200 executives and business owners as an executive coach.Read more

Women in Leadership: The Supply/Demand Conundrum

Priti ShahBy Priti Shah

Research continues to validate that global organizations with women in leadership roles experience increased productivity, creativity and profitability.  And, according to a recent McKinsey study, of the nine key behaviors leaders must possess in today’s economic landscape women exhibit five of these behaviors more often than men.Read more

Conversations in Leadership: ‘I Didn’t Sign Up for This!’

By Shawn Hunter

From difficult people to difficult circumstances, we all face some degree of difficulty in our every life, whether at work or at home. How we overcome these difficulties is often what defines us as human beings.Read more

Don’t Stop on Railroad Tracks

Dan Coughlin, The Coughlin CompanyBy Dan Coughlin

On the fourth of July I had an experience that I would rather not have lived through, but it taught me several powerful lessons with multiple implications.

After the fireworks display at a large city park, I was driving my family and my daughter’s friend to our house.Read more

Deltek’s Team Approach to Leadership Development Creates Business Impact

Customer Spotlight on Deltek

By Pat Golden and Jodi Atkinson

Deltek is among the largest global enterprise software and information solutions providers for project-based organizations in the professional services and government contracting industries. As you can imagine, being a large and growing global organization with a 30-year history presents many challenges beyond the usual learning and development barriers for effective leadership training.Read more

Start Submitting for 2015 Skillsoft Innovation Awards!

With registration for 2015 Global Skillsoft Perspectives now open, corporate learning and development professionals can start submitting nominations for Skillsoft’s annual Innovation Awards.

Each year, Skillsoft recognizes the innovative ideas, powerful programs and inspiring leaders among us who are helping to transform the corporate learning landscape.Read more

Are You Falling Into These Common Coaching Traps?

By Jim Clemmer

In an organizational survey at a large telecom company, managers were asked to rate how well they coached the people reporting to them. They scored themselves high. The people reporting to those managers were asked to rate the coaching they received.Read more