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Leadership Development Channel Lessons with Australia’s Leaders

By Shawn Hunter

We recently had the honor to learn from some of Australia’s leading thinkers, authors and executives, all offering unique insights on leadership, on the challenges of change initiatives, on the power of socially responsible efforts, and even the positive effects of waking up each day with a smile.Read more

Leadership Skills Training Lesson: A Rising Optimism Lifts All Ideas

By Shawn Hunter

Ideas are abundant, but evidently sharing those ideas is pretty scarce in professional environments. Towers Perrin global engagement study reveals sadly only 21% of us would self-describe ourselves as “engaged” in our work. All in and loving it – excited working with our colleagues, dedicated and passionate about the projects we engage in, propelled by a belief that we are actively making a difference, and recognized and rewarded intellectually and emotionally by our efforts.Read more

Great Leadership Skills Training Lesson: ‘If it Were Possible’

By Shawn Hunter

“Don’t be put off by people who know what is not possible. Do what needs to be done, and check to see if it was impossible only after you are done.” – Paul Hawken

I learned a powerful lesson recently in an interview with a Leadership Development Channel client, Lincoln Crawley, Managing Director of Manpower for Australia.Read more

EchoLeaders and Intentionomics: How Our Intention is Echoed Back to Us

By Shawn Hunter

I had a conversation recently with David Penglase, a fantastic speaker, writer and entrepreneur based in Sydney. He introduced the phrase Intentionomics to describe how our intent drives all results in life interactions. Our customers, colleagues, (certainly our children) and pretty much everyone we interact with have keen detectors of our intent.Read more