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Expert Insights on Building a Learning Culture

By Ivonne Smith

You may have noticed that some of us at Skillsoft are obsessed with measuring learning—its impact, outcomes, the factors that contribute to successful L&D programs. We love learning about learning and a host of related topics, like employee engagement and talent management.Read more

Know Your Assets for Significance: Part One the Strongest Characteristics of Your Character

By Dan Coughlin

People go to work to make money and to make a difference.

Money is important. It’s very important.

Working to make a difference is also important. It’s very, very important.

Trying to make a significant difference is how you fuel yourself over the long term.Read more

Addressing the Skills Shortage: Evaluating UK Business Leaders’ Perceptions of Learning and…

Kevin Young HeadshotBy Kevin Young

As businesses surface from the global financial crisis, they’re facing a host of challenges. Evolving to meet today’s fast-paced commercial environment means getting to grips with the current and future skills shortage.Read more

Get Recognition in 2015: Apply for a Skillsoft Innovation Award

By Kelley Noblet

Year over year, we witness so many outstanding customers that work hard to transform learning and talent management at their organizations.

The Skillsoft Innovation awards are a way to recognize great clients and inspire others to build strong learning cultures at their organizations.Read more

Reflecting on 2014 Perspectives AUS & NZ—‘Innovate, Influence, Impact’

Rosie Cairnes, SkillsoftBy Rosie Cairnes

On 27 August 2014, business decision makers across learning and development (L&D) functions gathered in Sydney for Skillsoft’s annual conference, Perspectives Australia & New Zealand. 

This year’s conference drew close to 110 delegates, with the theme ‘Innovate, Influence, Impact’ resonating strongly through the presentations and discussions where global experts provided the latest thought leadership and insights on what is driving, influencing and motivating L&D leaders today.Read more

Continued Recognition from Industry Awards Highlight Skillsoft as Learning Industry Leader

By John Ambrose

We are excited to share recent recognition we’ve received, along with noteworthy awards showcasing our customers’ successful learning programs!  Over the past nine months, our elearning solutions and our customers’ programs have received awards from Workforce Magazine,, Chief Learning Officer and Training Magazine.Read more

Who Should Truly Be the Owner of the Learning Culture?

By Ivonne Smith

Who do you think should truly be the owner of learning culture in an organization?  Is it the CLO? The Learning and Development (L&D) team? Is it the Executive team’s responsibility? All good guesses, but the answer is no and no and no.Read more

Enhance Your Organization’s Agility with a Learning Culture

By John Ambrose

Change is the new normal and having an agile workforce is essential for business today. High performing organizations are more agile and have excelled in effectively managing and coping with change and are superior at getting their current culture to embrace change.Read more

2014 Elearning Priorities that Enhance Customer Value

By Pam Boiros

Introducing Welch Way presented by SkillsoftI’ve recently returned from the Skillsoft annual global kick off meeting in Orlando, Florida! I’m excited to share some highlights from the event, as well as our key priorities for 2014 that will help our customers and prospects get even more value from their elearning programs.Read more