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Shake Up Your Status Quo in 2014

By Kieran King, Global Director, Loyalty Strategy, Skillsoft

As we begin 2014, why not make a resolution to stop overspending on instructor- led training and stop building what you could buy?  According to Forbes Magazine, at this time of the year approximately 40% of us make New Year’s resolutions, yet only 8% of us stick to it. Read more

Are You Getting a Positive ROI From Your Learning Consultant?

By Ann Collins, Learning Strategist, Skillsoft and Beth Teixeira, Learning Consultant, Skillsoft

There is a lot of conversation—and frankly, struggle—in the training world about measuring return on investment (ROI), return on expectation (ROE) or some other metric related to various training interventions.Read more

How to Measure Corporate Learning – Learning Metrics Defined

How to Measure Corporate Learning - Learning Metrics Defined

ROI analysis is the elephant in the room for many L&D leaders. We know it’s expected of us, but how do we really address it?  It’s all in how we design our programs – if they’re designed to achieve a specific ROI number, impact measure or performance goal, we can easily answer the question.Read more