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Cloud-Based Learning Platform Pricing Trends

Cloud-Based Learning Platform Pricing Trends

By Kieran King

For the past 10 years, the learning market has seen a gradual shift away from classroom delivery toward cloud-based learning models. During this period, cloud-based learning providers have applied a tremendous amount of investment to expand their topical coverage and the features within their learning solutions.Read more

Is a Single Platform the Best Learning Solution?

By Sue Rodeman

Myth: A single LMS/TMS is the be-all-end-all solution.

Truth: More than one system may be needed to achieve your desired results.

While many strive to have a single, unified platforms, be it a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Talent Management System (TMS), the reality is that most organizations need multiple tools and platforms to achieve integrated talent management.Read more

Five Ways to Customize Your Learner’s Experience

By Scott Oliver

Simply providing a large library of off-the-shelf learning content is not the best Icon_skillport8_rgbway to meet the needs of your learners. Although some learners will learn how to efficiently navigate the library to find what they need, for most learners you may need to proactively help them by customizing their learning experience.Read more

The Critical Role of Human Resources in Compliance Training Programs

By Charlie Voelker

A recent article in JD Supra Business Advisor by Brett W. Johnson, Esq. brings forth the critical role the Human Resources Manager plays in a company’s compliance program.  Of note is Johnson’s discussion of the importance of the many facets of the hiring and firing process. Read more

2014 Elearning Priorities that Enhance Customer Value

By Pam Boiros

Introducing Welch Way presented by SkillsoftI’ve recently returned from the Skillsoft annual global kick off meeting in Orlando, Florida! I’m excited to share some highlights from the event, as well as our key priorities for 2014 that will help our customers and prospects get even more value from their elearning programs.Read more