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Make a Splash: Measure the Impact of Your eLearning Program


By Jessica Philpott

If one of your senior executives asked you tomorrow to provide hard data on the impact of eLearning at your organization, could you? Your first step may be to look at data like overall license consumption or cost per user, or even employee reaction to the learning—but what value does this information really provide?Read more

Designing Outcomes-Based Corporate Learning Programs

Designing Outcomes-Based Corporate Learning Programs

We’re pleased to bring you a short series by Kristin Thomas, Certified ROI Professional and Skillsoft Learning Consultant, covering the “why, what, where and how” of measuring learning. Today’s post, third in the series, covers “where to begin,” in terms of designing outcomes-based programs. Read more

Why So Low?

By Kieran King

When KnowledgeAdvisors measured SkillSoft’s scrap learning rate (the percent of learning that is not applied to the job within six weeks) at such a low level (14 percent), the question of “why so low?” naturally arises. Read more