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Don’t Miss the Elearning Conference: 2014 Global Skillsoft Perspectives

By Melynda Hilliard

2014 Global Skillsoft Perspectives is less than four weeks away!  This event enables learning professionals from organizations around the world to gather and discuss how to link learning to business value, maximizing your investment in learning.Read more

Here Comes the Sun: 2014 Skillsoft Perspectives EMEA


The period between the holidays and spring is littered with depressing dates and down in the dumps newspaper columns. From Blue Monday—supposedly the most depressing day of the year—and weeks of uninterrupted rain to tales of Christmases financed by payday loans and retailers in trouble, it can be hard to imagine the sun and its rays of hope appearing on the horizon.Read more

Take Advantage of Early Bird Rates for 2014 Global Skillsoft Perspectives!

Do you have budget that you need to spend before the end of the year? Take advantage of early bird rates for 2014 Global Skillsoft Perspectives. Watch a short video featuring Skillsoft’s executive leadership, Chuck Moran and Jerry Nine, as they speak about the value that Skillsoft Perspectives brings to its attendees.Read more

Save the date! We’re going to Vegas!

By Melynda Hilliard,
Events Manager, Skillsoft

Mark your calendar for 2014 Global Skillsoft

Global Skillsoft Perspectives brings learning professionals together from business, government and education to share and discuss how learning drives performance and delivers business value for their organizations. Read more

Congratulations 2013 Skillsoft Perspectives ANZ Innovation Award Winners!

By Justina
Phoon, Director, Marketing Communications, Asia Pacific, Skillsoft

We are delighted to announce the winners of
our 2013 Skillsoft Perspectives Australia & New Zealand Innovation Awards!
The winners, which include Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, Monash
University, Sharp Australia and Hudson Global Services, honours Australia and
New Zealand Skillsoft customers for their major achievements in elearning,
acknowledging dynamic concepts and motivating leaders who are helping to
enhance the learning platform.Read more

The Leader Within

We’re pleased to bring you this guest blog
post is from Dr. Ian
Metcalfe, Director & Principal Consultant at Adaptive Learning. Dr.
Metcalfe will speak at 2013 Skillsoft
Perspectives Australia & New Zealand on August 21. Read more

Learning Transformed at 2013 Skillsoft Perspectives EMEA

The social media bubble is showing no signs of
bursting. In fact, most of our social networks are still growing; Twitter’s
Vine video app has been shared 2.86 million times on the social network since
launching five months ago. Read more

2013 Global Skillsoft Perspectives Recap

We’re pleased to bring you a guest post by a Skillsoft Regional Account
Executive, Sabrina Smith. Sabrina traditionally recaps Skillsoft Perspectives
within her team—this year we’re sharing her point 
of view on the blog.Read more