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Skillsoft Books24x7® Book Review: Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization

By Kelley Noblet, Marketing Manager, Skillsoft

Prior to coming onboard at Skillsoft more than two years ago, I could have guessed that poor leadership meant less productive employees, but I was unaware of the profound effect this could have on overall business results. Read more

Are You Putting Your Organization at Risk by Not Listening to Your Learners?

By Glenn Nott, Vice President & Managing Director, Asia Pacific

In today’s business environment, finding the right balance between learning program costs and learner needs while generating a measurable business impact is a challenge for many organizations. In response to this, Skillsoft has launched a report on Learning and Development Trends in Asia Pacific that takes an insightful look at learner engagement, learning budgets and the key metrics used to evaluate impact and effectiveness.Read more

‘Tis the Season to Engage

By the Skillsoft EMEA team

As the holidays approach, Argos is one of the first retailers to announce its plans to recruit around 10,000 seasonal workers[1] and they won’t be the last. Hiring extra support for the busiest shopping period of the year can be a challenge but so can motivating these temporary staff members who may not feel fully integrated into the company.Read more

Taking Inventory on your “Bench Strength”: Research from Gartner, Inc.

Do you know your “bench
strength?” Workforce development, recruiting, talent management and succession
planning – when, and where, does the assessment take place for these functions?

As Gartner,
, reported in a research
brief, Inventory Your IT Skills and
Competencies to Meet Business Needs
, each of these disciplines should begin
with a well-informed survey of your organization’s skills and competencies, or
your company’s “bench strength.”

According to Gartner, less
than one-third of IT organizations have a formal workforce planning solution.Read more

Skillsoft Employees Prepare Local Children for Back-to-School

By Kelley Noblet

Returning to school in the fall is an adjustment for
students and parents alike. To help make the transition smoother for families
in need, Skillsoft employees located in the Nashua, NH Corporate Headquarters
and the Nashua R&D office participated in a service project again this year.Read more

How Do I Get Started with Elearning? 8 Top Elearning Questions Answered

Incorporating elearning in your learning and development program doesn’t
have to be a daunting task. By knowing the key elements to consider ahead of
time, you can craft a program that delivers maximum value to your organization.

a complimentary webinar on Thursday, September 12, 2013 from 12-1 p.m.Read more