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Why soft skills need to be part of your resume

By Kyle Gingrich

Why soft skills need to be part of your resume

Take a minute and bring up a mental image of your resume. Aside from the usual, what’s on it? Did you Google the top skills employers are looking for and tailor your list to match them as much as possible?Read more

The Importance of Soft Skills Training

By Heide Abelli

The Importance of Soft Skills Training and Development

I accept that leveraging technology is a high priority for organizations today, with many organizations heavily emphasizing the development of “hard” or technical skills among their employees. And yes, hard skills are vital and necessary to maintain a competitive advantage, but in our social media obsessed world, it is becoming ever more apparent that no organization can afford to take their eye off the “soft skills ball.”

If you have any doubt about why soft skills are more critical now than ever, here’s a hint: social media.Read more

Using Technology to Aid Soft Skill Development

It’s not
uncommon for organizations to be hard pressed for time, especially when it
comes to soft skill development. To overcome that challenge, many leaders have found
value in targeted technology-based learning resources such as videos and
interactive exercises.Read more