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Introducing Throw Back Thursdays, a new series

We receive so much valuable content
from our customers, partners and internal subject-matter experts. On Thursdays, we thought it would be fun to do a “throw back” and bring back an
older post that was valuable to our audience.Read more

Middle management – where learning starts, stops, succeeds and fails

By Glenn Nott, VP and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Skillsoft

Having been involved in the Learning & Development (L&D) profession for over two decades I have witnessed many “hot” management trends, read countless books on management theory, and seen more and more attention drawn towards the need for managers to become leaders within their organizations.Read more

Live from Perspectives: Congratulations to the Innovation in Learning Award Winners!

DSC03044With our Perspectives conference in full swing, it’s great to see our many customers together.  The energy is fantastic with everyone buzzing about the latest in learning. Last night that buzz jumped another notch with the announcement of the Innovation in Learning Award winners. Read more

Motivate, Innovate, Learn: SkillPort 8

By Stephanie Pyle

As consumer applications and social sites have evolved, we’ve become accustomed to new levels of ease of use and intuitive navigation.  As a result, employees are bringing these user experience expectations into the workplace, making it important for organization’s workforce tools to keep pace.Read more

Nasco Discusses the Benefits of Attending Perspectives

For Denise Peek of Nasco, Perspectives is a rich experience that can't be given a price tag. The opportunity the event presents to collaborate, learn and network is priceless. Visit for more details!


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Leadership Skills Training Lesson: Change is Hard – Embrace the Unfamiliar

By Shawn Hunter


Sometimes you make a leap. Perhaps you buy that new car you’ve been researching, or that slick new piece of software or technology you’ve been eyeing. And suddenly you see it everywhere and wonder if you weren’t on the cutting edge after all.Read more

SkillSoft: A Proud Supporter of the U.S. Army’s Commitment to Education

By Kevin Duffer, vice president, public sector for SkillSoft

Since 1996, we’ve been honored to be able to support the United States Army with quality e-learning solutions. In the past five years alone, Army users have completed more than 5.4 million courses supporting a wide range of professional development needs and resulting in significant cost avoidance.Read more

Books24x7 Book Review: Provoke: Why the Global Culture of Disruption Is the Only Hope for…

By Pam Boiros

In the novel Provoke, entrepreneur and “innovation provocateur” Linda Bernardi takes a frank and straight-forward approach to business and innovation in order to reveal some startling truths:

  • All organizations, no matter how seemingly enlightened, react to the idea of disruption with rage, fear, denial and rejection, and
  • Access to big money and the drive to build start-ups for the purpose of being acquired is destroying innovation.Read more