42 Rules of Product Marketing: Learn the Rules of Product Marketing from Leading Experts from around the World

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  • Brian Lawley, Gary Parker, Phil Burton
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  • 2012

42 Rules of Product Marketing is a collection of product marketing wisdom and insights from forty-two experts from around the world. This book will expose you to the experience and knowledge of a group of the world's leading product marketing experts with a range of perspectives in both consumer and business markets. In this book, you’ll learn ways to:

  • Craft the right positioning and messaging for your prospective customers.
  • Communicate with your customers in terms that are meaningful to them.
  • Use the web and social media to have two-way conversations with your customers.
  • Use web analytics to understand customer interest.
  • Work effectively with sales and sales channels to manage leads and drive revenue.
  • Become recognized in your company or organization.
  • Discern a prospect’s digital body language from web interactions.
  • Understand the new rules of public relations.

Best of all, it was written with the busy product marketer in mind. Each rule is kept to two pages and designed to stand on its own. The rules can be read in any order. In less than five minutes a day, you can learn from forty two of the best marketing managers in the world. Whether you are a seasoned, experienced product marketing manager or are just starting out, the 42 Rules of Product Marketing will help you to work more effectively and produce greater returns for your company.

About the Authors

Brian Lawley is the CEO and Founder of the 280 Group. He is the author of four best-selling books, The Phenomenal Product Manager, Expert Product Management, Optimal Product Process and 42 Rules of Product Management and is the former President of the Silicon Valley Product Management Association (SVPMA). He was awarded the Association of International Product Marketing Management award for Thought Leadership in Product Management, and has been featured on World Business Review and the Silicon Valley Business Report. He is the editor of the Optimal Product Management blog and newsletter and also writes guest articles for publications such as the Software Development Forum newsletter, Softletter, and the SVPMA newsletter.

Prior to founding and running the 280 Group, Brian spent many years working on innovative products at world-leading companies, including Digidesign (acquired by Avid), Apple (Product Manager for the MacOS human interface), Claris, Symantec, and Whistle Communications.

Brian is a Certified Product Manager (CPM) and Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM) and has a Bachelor's degree in Management Science from the University of California at San Diego with a minor in Music Technology and an MBA with honors from San Jose State University.

Phil Burton has been a consultant and trainer for the 280 Group for four years and has a twenty-five-plus year career in product management and product marketing focused on information security, data communications, and networking. His expertise is in product life cycle management with a focus on customizing the product life cycle process to the specific needs and organizational structure of a company. In addition to executing assignments for specific clients, Phil also conducts most of the 280 Group's Product Management classes. Phil holds a Civil Engineer degree from MIT ("practical PhD"), and is a certified information system security professional (CISSP). Phil is a Certified Product Manager and Certified Product Marketing Manager through the Association of International Product Marketing and Management.

Phil has extensive full life cycle product management and product marketing experience, with a strong understanding of how to tailor the product life cycle process to the specific needs and organizational structure of a client. Phil has expertise in product definition, launch, messaging and positioning, collateral creation, competitive analysis, and sales tool creation. He is also an excellent public speaker for both executive level and technical groups.

With over twenty-five years of marketing experience, Gary Parker has a record of creating powerful marketing programs. He has worked with high tech companies to produce innovative marketing programs and collateral that drive demand and support the sales process.

Gary has the strong work skills that are needed to execute smooth, effective cross-functional product launches. He had early, very successful, sales experiences in which he was top sales person every year for four years at Sterling Software and broke company annual sales records twice. This experience helped him migrate into product marketing and provided the foundation for a "hands on" leadership style to closely support sales teams using his product and customer buying criteria expertise.

Gary has an MBA from Golden Gate University, a BS in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and received executive marketing training at Harvard, Columbia and Wharton. He taught Market Planning at the University of Colorado Extension Program.

Gary is a Certified Product Marketing Manager by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management.

He has been a featured conference speaker: Software Business 2009, Laptop Summit 2010, American Institute of Product Marketing and Management 2010 PMEC, P-Camp 2009 Product Marketing session leader and has published articles in Computer Technology Review, CPA Technology Magazine, MIS Week, Software News, Software Magazine plus regular press interviews, blogs and tweets.

In this Book

  • 42 Rules of Product Marketing—Learn the Rules of Product Marketing from Leading Experts from around the World
  • Intro
  • Rules Are Meant to Be Broken
  • THINK BIG!, Start Small, Move Fast...
  • Learn from Your Customers' Digital Body Language
  • Help Your Prospect Know "What's In It For Me?"
  • Follow the New Rules of PR!
  • Work Effectively with Analysts
  • Business Research Is about Decisions, Not Questions
  • Have Courage at Launch
  • Make Your CFO a Social Media Fan
  • Make Social Media a Listening Platform
  • Leverage Social Media or Be Fired!
  • Reinvent Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Emulate Twitter!
  • Create Successful Launch Teams
  • Marketing Checklists Ensure Success
  • Remember Your Internal Customers
  • Wield Influence, Even When You Have Little Power
  • Use Online Metrics for Product Marketing Success
  • Apply SEO Fundamentals Everywhere
  • Generate Demand, Not Leads
  • Help Your Sales Team Communicate Your Message
  • Give Sales the Right Selling Tools
  • Successful Channel Plans Start with Strategy
  • Help Prospects Make Buying Decisions!
  • Create the Right Messaging First
  • Always Test Your Message
  • Forget about Your Product
  • Help Customers Cost-Justify Your Product
  • Sell More by Talking Less
  • You Are Not Your Customer
  • Prepare Your Marketing for the Final Three Feet
  • Protect Your Product's Rear
  • Be the Customer Usage Expert
  • Speak in the Customer's Language
  • Create Simple Messages for Complex Products
  • Turn Your Audience into Advocates
  • Get Close and Personal with Your Customers
  • Honest, Open Messaging Leads to Success
  • Learn to Love Marketing Data
  • Shine the Light on Product Marketing
  • Use Your Competitor's Products Against Them
  • These Are Our Rules. What Are Yours?
  • Bonus Rules
  • Contributing Authors
  • Product Marketing Resources
  • Product Management and Marketing Templates
  • 280 Group Services
  • Endnotes