99 Tricks and Traps for Microsoft Office Project Including Microsoft Project 2000 to 2007: The Casual User's "Survival Guide"

  • 50m
  • Paul E. Harris
  • Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd
  • 2007

The book is aimed at Project Management Professionals who are casual or new users and understand the software basics but require a short and snappy guide to the less intuitive but essential functions of the software. It is the sort of book that may be read without a computer on the bus, train or plane.

This book is suitable for people who understand the basics of Microsoft Project but want a short guide to give them insight into the less intuitive features of the software. It is packed with screen shots, constructive tips, and is written in plain English. The book is based on the Microsoft Project 2007 but may be used with Microsoft Project 2000, 2002 or 2003 as the book points out the differences where appropriate.

The book picks out many of the key aspects from the author’s existing books and adds a substantial amount of new and original text to produce a pocket guide that omits describing the intuitive and obvious functions and concentrates on the issues that many users get stuck on or find hard to understand.

In this Book

  • Important Things
  • Calender Survival Guide
  • Tricky Stuff
  • Interesting Features
  • Making It Look Right
  • Getting It Out - Printing
  • Resource Basics
  • Updating Essentials
  • Other Things of Interest