ABAP Development for SAP HANA

  • 6h 55m
  • Mohd Mohsin Ahmed, Sumit Dipak Naik
  • Rheinwerk Publishing Inc.
  • 2021

This step-by-step developer's guide has everything you need to build SAP HANA-optimized ABAP applications. Explore the environment and tools you'll be using and master development techniques that govern the code-to-data paradigm in SAP HANA. Then jump into backend programming using ABAP Database Connectivity, SQLScript, ABAP managed database procedures, core data services, and more. Once you've coded your apps, maintain them with runtime statistics, traces, and code analysis. Build it your way!

  • Understand how SAP HANA changes ABAP programming
  • Access the database with ABAP Database Connectivity, SQLScript, and ABAP-managed database procedures
  • Model data using calculation views and CDS views

Getting Started

Begin by exploring the architecture and features of SAP HANA, and setting up your development environments, including SAP HANA Studio and ABAP Development Tools. Understand the code pushdown techniques that govern ABAP development on SAP HANA.

Creating Programming

Create, execute, and manage SAP HANA database procedures using native SQL, ABAP Database Connectivity, SQLScript, ABAP-managed database procedures, and more.


Use calculation views and CDS views to model SAP HANA data. Create business objects with the Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF).

Optimizing Applications

Use runtime statistics, ABAP and SQL traces, ABAP code analysis, and system-wide analysis tools to make sure your ABAP applications are performing efficiently.

  • ABAP database connectivity (ADBC)
  • ABAP-managed database procedures (AMDP)
  • SQL and SQLScript
  • Data modeling
  • Core data services (CDS)
  • Native SQL and ABAP SQL
  • Business object processing framework (BOPF)
  • ABAP Test Cockpit
  • Runtime statistics and analysis
  • SAP BTP, ABAP Environment

About the Authors

Mohsin Ahmed is a senior technical consultant at CapGemini with more than 10 years of experience working in the SAP area. He is skilled in ABAP development, SAP HANA, OData, and has a degree in computer science engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Hyderabad, India. He has been a contributor to SAPYard.

Sumit Naik is a certified ABAP and SAP HANA consultant with more than 15 years of technical consulting and management experience in implementing SAP ERP solutions across various industry sections like retail, life science, energy and utilities, public sector, manufacturing, and IT. He has extensive experience with different implementation methodologies, approaches, and accelerators available in the marketplace.

In this Book

  • SAP HANA Overview
  • Code-to-Data Paradigm
  • Development Environments
  • Native SQL
  • SQLScript Programming
  • ABAP-Managed Database Procedures
  • Modeling
  • Core Data Services
  • Open SQL and ABAP SQL
  • Business Object Processing Framework
  • Performance and Optimization
  • SAP Business Technology Platform, ABAP Environment