Adobe Illustrator CC for Dummies

  • 4h 26m
  • David Karlins
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2020

Get to know your digital drawing board

Adobe Illustrator CC offers a vibrant tool for creating drawings and illustrations in a digital environment. It takes some practice to get a feel for the digital pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and erasers, though. Adobe Illustrator CC For Dummies offers the guidance you need to turn your ideas into real drawings.

Written by an Illustrator trainer and expert, this book walks those new to the tool through the basics of drawing, editing, and applying the unique tools found in this popular program.

  • Create illustrations using simple shapes
  • Touch up images using pen, pencil, and brush tools
  • Import your illustrations into other graphic apps
  • Apply special effects and add type

This book is essential reading for new and beginning illustrators who are either adopting a digital tool for the first time, switching from an existing tool to Illustrator, or adding Illustrator know-how to existing Adobe knowledge.

About the Author

David Karlins is an experienced educator and author as well as the creator of the online course SVG Graphics for the Web with Illustrator. Skilled in a wide range of communication design technologies, he is also the author of Adobe Analytics For Dummies and HTML5 & CSS3 For Dummies as well as other books on design tools and techniques.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Navigating Illustrator’s Interface
  • Creating, Saving, Exporting, and Printing Files
  • Placing and Tracing Artwork
  • Drawing Lines and Shapes
  • Selecting and Arranging Objects
  • Organizing Documents with Layers
  • Wielding the Pen and Anchor Point Tools
  • Creating Artwork with the Pencil, Curvature, and Blob Tools
  • Painting with Brushes
  • Improving Workflow with Symbols
  • Designing in Living Color
  • Bringing Graphics to Life with Gradients, Blends, and Transparency
  • Designing with Patterns
  • Styling with Effects
  • Formatting Area Type
  • Getting Artistic with Point Type
  • Exporting Raster Files
  • Unleashing the Power of SVGs
  • Top Ten Illustrator Resources
  • Top Ten Productivity Tips