Applying Big Data Analytics in Bioinformatics and Medicine

  • 11h 9m
  • Miltiadis D. Lytras, Paraskevi Papadopoulou (eds)
  • IGI Global
  • 2018

Many aspects of modern life have become personalized, yet healthcare practices have been lagging behind in this trend. It is now becoming more common to use big data analysis to improve current healthcare and medicinal systems, and offer better health services to all citizens.

Applying Big Data Analytics in Bioinformatics and Medicine is a comprehensive reference source that overviews the current state of medical treatments and systems and offers emerging solutions for a more personalized approach to the healthcare field. Featuring coverage on relevant topics that include smart data, proteomics, medical data storage, and drug design, this publication is an ideal resource for medical professionals, healthcare practitioners, academicians, and researchers interested in the latest trends and techniques in personalized medicine.

In this Book

  • Bioinformatics as Applied to Medicine: Challenges Faced Moving from Big Data to Smart Data to Wise Data
  • Bioinformatics: Applications and Implications
  • Protein Structure Prediction
  • Proteomics in Personalized Medicine: An Evolution Not a Revolution
  • The Much Needed Security and Data Reforms of Cloud Computing in Medical Data Storage
  • Informatics and Data Analytics to Support Exposome-Based Discovery: Part 1 - Assessment of External and Internal Exposure
  • Informatics and Data Analytics to Support Exposome-Based Discovery: Part 2 - Computational Exposure Biology
  • Transcriptomics to Metabolomics: A Network Perspective for Big Data
  • Protein Docking and Drug Design
  • Effective and Efficient Business Intelligence Dashboard Design: Gestalt Theory in Dutch Long-Term and Chronic Healthcare
  • Role of Online Data from Search Engine and Social Media in Healthcare Informatics
  • An Optimized Semi-Supervised Learning Approach for High Dimensional Datasets
  • Predicting Patterns in Hospital Admission Data
  • Selection of Pathway Markers for Cancer Using Collaborative Binary Multi-Swarm Optimization
  • Applying Bayesian Networks in the Early Diagnosis of Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa in Adolescents: Applying Bayesian Networks in Early Diagnosis in Adolescents
  • Image Processing Including Medical Liver Imaging: Medical Image Processing from Big Data Perspective, Ultrasound Liver Images, Challenges