Applying Integration Techniques and Methods in Distributed Systems and Technologies

  • 6h 18m
  • Gabor Kecskemeti
  • IGI Global
  • 2019

Distributed systems intertwine with our everyday lives. The benefits and current shortcomings of the underpinning technologies are experienced by a wide range of people and their smart devices. With the rise of large-scale IoT and similar distributed systems, cloud bursting technologies, and partial outsourcing solutions, private entities are encouraged to increase their efficiency and offer unparalleled availability and reliability to their users.

Applying Integration Techniques and Methods in Distributed Systems is a critical scholarly publication that defines the current state of distributed systems, determines further goals, and presents architectures and service frameworks to achieve highly integrated distributed systems and presents solutions to integration and efficient management challenges faced by current and future distributed systems. Highlighting topics such as multimedia, programming languages, and smart environments, this book is ideal for system administrators, integrators, designers, developers, researchers, and academicians.

In this Book

  • Cloud Computing and Innovations
  • Trust Management in Fog Computing: A Survey
  • Convergence of Manufacturing Cloud and Industrial IoT
  • Security Challenges and Resolution in Cloud Computing and Cloud of Things
  • Enhancing Security in a Big Stream Cloud Architecture for the Internet of Things Through Blockchain
  • Topology Optimization for Heterogeneous DHT-Based Multicast
  • Transparent Throughput Elasticity for Modern Cloud Storage: An Adaptive Block-Level Caching Proposal
  • Accessing Data from Multiple Heterogeneous Distributed Database Systems
  • A P2P Architecture for Social Networking
  • Failure Detectors of Strong S and Perfect P Classes for Time Synchronous Hierarchical Distributed Systems


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