Cambridge Marketing Handbook: Services

  • 1h 26m
  • Andrew Hatcher
  • Kogan Page
  • 2013

There are only two categories of purchases that people can make - products or services. Each, by their very nature, demands a different approach to marketing and sales.The Cambridge Marketing Handbook: Services takes a fresh look at the world of marketing of services (the Servicescape) as the world transitions from the Information Age into what is being called the Age of Awareness, a period where individuals move away from information browsing and collection to the application of knowledge, emotion and responsibility to consumption, production and relationships. This book will use these changes to highlight the impact they will have on the marketing of services, with a specific focus on the role or people and processes in delivering success.

About the Author

Andrew Hatcher is the Managing Director of The Applied Knowledge Network and the author of several books on management and marketing. He has a long history of assisting with the identification, development and management of innovative solutions within large and small companies across the business spectrum. He is the creator of the MAPP coaching system, which has been used by hundreds of companies. Hatcher has worked with a wide range of companies including SMBs, larger corporations including Eversheds, Statoil and Yell as well as nonprofits such as Relate and Working Knowledge.

In this Book

  • Cambridge Marketing Handbook—Services
  • Preface
  • Immaterial Products—Services Marketing in the Age of Awareness
  • Defining the Servicescape
  • Understanding Customers and their Behaviour
  • Customer Expectations and Perceptions
  • Customer Relationships
  • Standards and Quality
  • People Power
  • Physical Evidence
  • Powerful Processes
  • Keeping the Promise
  • References