Changing the Thinking: Redefining Sales, Book 1

  • 1h 47m
  • Sharon Drew Morgen
  • Morgen Facilitations
  • 2006

What is sales? And how must the field change to keep up with our changing business environment? A seller's job is much bigger than product placement, but the entire belief system around the job - and the expectation of what's possible over and above the types of results achieved by using current sales methods - must change. What do we need to do differently to achieve a new level of success in our current business climate?

About the Author

Sharon Drew Morgen is a thought leader, decision strategist, and the author of New York Times Bestseller Selling with Integrity, Sales on the Line, and Buying Facilitation: The New Way to Sell, as well as over 400 articles. She is the pioneer behind the visionary sales paradigm the Morgen Buying Facilitation Method. As the architect of a wholly original sales model, Sharon Drew has provoked, inspired, and motivated thousands of sales professionals worldwide. With a history as a million-dollar producer and 30 years in sales, an entrepreneur of a successful start-up, and a sales consultant in many Fortune 100 companies, she brings field knowledge as well as innovation to her audiences.

As a highly informative and provocative speaker, Sharon Drew captivates audiences as she brings the unique business challenges of the 21st Century into the sales environment and offers ideas that will immediately shorten sales cycles and differentiate sellers from their competition. Using her systems-based buyer-support model as the foundation, she stimulates thinking around buying practices rather than product sale. This model gives sellers tools to actually teach buyers how to recognize, align, and manage all of the internal elements that need to be addressed within a buying environment before a purchase can occur.

In this Book

  • Why Change?
  • Buying Behaviors
  • The New Job of Sales