Circuit Analysis I with MATLAB Computing and Simulink/SimPowerSystems Modeling

  • 6h 45m
  • Steven T. Karris
  • Orchard Publications
  • 2009

This text is an introduction to the basic principles of electrical engineering and covers DC and AC circuit analysis, and Transients. It is intended for all engineering majors and presumes knowledge of first year differential and integral calculus and physics. The last two chapters include step-by-step procedures for the solutions of simple differential equations used in the derivation of the natural and forces responses. Appendices A, B, and C are introductions to MATLAB, Simulink, and SimPowerSystems respectively. Appendix D is a review of Complex Numbers, and Appendix E is an introduction to matrices and determinants.

In this Book

  • Basic Concepts and Definitions
  • Analysis of Simple Circuits
  • Nodal and Mesh Equations — Circuit Theorems
  • Introduction to Operational Amplifiers
  • Inductance and Capacitance
  • Sinusoidal Circuit Analysis
  • Phasor Circuit Analysis
  • Average and RMS Values, Complex Power, and Instruments
  • Natural Response
  • Forced and Total Response in RL and RC Circuits
  • References and Suggestions for Further Study