Client/Server Implementation Using TXSeries, UDB, and VisualAge COBOL on Windows NT

  • 2h 1m
  • Andrea Conzett
  • IBM Corporation
  • 1999

This redbook details the configuration of a client/server environment consisting of IBM VisualAge COBOL, DB2 Universal Database, and TXSeries products on Windows NT. Installation and customization details as well as some application development techniques are covered.

The book was written for those interested in the interaction of the above family of products when the applications are written in COBOL. Technical marketing, application development, and local area networking personnel will find this information particularly useful.

The book guides the reader, step by step, in creating a working client/server environment, for both application development as well as application execution. This environment can be used for demonstration or as a reference when setting up a similar environment for productive use.

Several practical examples are used throughout the book. Because the main focus of the book is on the environment and the interaction of the products, the program samples are kept as simple as possible.

First, we provide the setup of an environment that only includes remote data access. Once the sample program is running, you know that your DB2 Universal Database (UDB) is installed and configured correctly. You can then go on to the next step, in which we add TXSeries to this scenario. We explain the environment by means of a CICS server program that accesses a DB2 database. This server program is called by a 3270 CICS client program as well as an external call interface (ECI) client program with a graphical user interface (GUI).

In this Book

  • Overview
  • Setting Up the Server for DB2
  • Setting Up the Clients for DB2
  • Developing the DB2 Sample Application
  • Packaging the Sample Application
  • Overview
  • Setting Up TXSeries
  • Setting Up CICS Client
  • Developing the CICS Sample Server Application
  • Developing the CICS Sample 3270 Client Application
  • Developing the CICS Sample GUI Client Application
  • How to Get ITSO Redbooks
  • List of Abbreviations