Construction of Architecture: From Design to Built

  • 5h 42m
  • Ralph W. Liebing
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2008

Master the construction process, from inception to occupancy

Buildings don't just appear. While the aesthetics and theory of architecture have their glamour, architecture would not exist without the hands-on, nuts-and-bolts process of construction. Construction of Architecture: From Design to Built gives architects, contractors, managers, trade workers, and anyone else involved in a building project a thorough overview of the process of taking or converting a fine design concept from a paper exercise to a finished, full-sized, inhabitable, and usable building.

In an easy-to-read, conversational style, Ralph Liebing distills the often-complex procedures associated with the construction of architecture into clear, understandable phases. Connecting each phase to the next, he takes the reader step by step from project inception and documentation to code compliance, to bidding and the contract, through finalization of the project and occupancy of the completed building.

The text is enhanced with such features as:

  • Numerous drawings and photographs of the building process
  • Samples of documents used in construction
  • A concise narrative of the construction of a typical commercial building, from start to finish

With this primer in hand, every aspiring design or building professional will have a solid foundation in the progression of work on any building project, from inception to occupancy.

About the Author

Ralph W. Liebing, RA, CSI, CPCA, CBO, is a Senior Architect—Specifications at Hixson, Architects-Engineers-Interiors, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio. A Registered Architect and a Certified Professional Code Administrator, he has taught architecture at the University of Cincinnati School of Architecture and architectural technology at ITT Technical Institute, and has served as building commissioner for Ohio's Hamilton County in the Cincinnati area. He has published several other construction and building code–related texts, as well as numerous papers, articles, and commentaries.

In this Book

  • Introduction and Context
  • Project Inception and Determination
  • Resolution and Design
  • Selection, Incorporation, and Documentation
  • The Documents and Code Compliance
  • Bidding, Award, and Contract
  • Constructing, Erecting, and Installing
  • Refinement and Enhancement
  • Completion and Occupancy
  • Postoccupancy