Countering Cyber Attacks and Preserving the Integrity and Availability of Critical Systems

  • 6h 5m
  • Asnath Victy Phamila (eds), S. Geetha
  • IGI Global
  • 2019

The rate of cybercrimes is increasing because of the fast-paced advancements in computer and internet technology. Crimes employing mobile devices, data embedding/mining systems, computers, network communications, or any malware impose a huge threat to data security.

Countering Cyber Attacks and Preserving the Integrity and Availability of Critical Systems addresses current problems and issues emerging in cyber forensics and investigations and proposes new solutions that can be adopted and implemented to counter security breaches within various organizations. The publication examines a variety of topics such as advanced techniques for forensic developments in computer and communication-link environments and legal perspectives including procedures for cyber investigations, standards, and policies. It is designed for policymakers, forensic analysts, technology developers, security administrators, academicians, researchers, and students.

In this Book

  • Digital Forensics and Cyber Law Enforcement
  • The Fundamentals of Digital Forensics and Cyber Law
  • An Indian and Global Perspective on Cybercrime
  • Smart Video Surveillance Systems and Identification of Human Behavior Analysis
  • IoT Evolution and Security Challenges in Cyber Space: IoT Security
  • Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems for Attacks in IoT Systems
  • Study on Query-Based Information Extraction in IoT-Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Lightweight Secure Architectural Framework for Internet of Things
  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security
  • Techniques for Analysis of Mobile Malware
  • Intelligent Malware Detection Using Deep Dilated Residual Networks for Cyber Security
  • Security Framework for Smart Visual Sensor Networks
  • Blockchain Technology is a Boost to Cyber Security: Block Chain
  • Secured Information Exchange Using Haptic Codes
  • Real-Time ECG-Based Biometric Authentication System
  • Digital Healthcare Security Issues: Is there a Solution in Biometrics?


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