Data Alchemy: The Genesis Of Business Value

  • 5h
  • Doug Brown, Tirath Virdee
  • LID Publishing Ltd
  • 2021

Beginning with the key challenges that enterprises face in generating value from data, this practical and provocative book from Capita authors systematically outlines practical processes, frameworks and data science and artificial intelligence toolkits to enable businesses to achieve better business outcomes. Written by two leading practitioners, this playbook explores the relationship between data, customer experience and business value. The book features illustrative examples and open source codes to enhance your business knowledge and provide the necessary actions relevant to any industry, and can be successfully deployed by business executives, data science innovators and practitioners. Referencing multi-cloud Agile DevOPs, Data Science and AI, the book addresses issues from defining and sizing projects to continuous development, continuous integration and continuous deployment. It breaks down the value journey into easy to understand steps that all businesses will find engaging and invaluable in their data-driven transformation.

In this Book

  • Alchemy and Data Intelligence
  • Data Intelligence and Value Exchange
  • Understanding Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
  • Data: Sources, Collection and Engineering
  • Artificial Learning Systems
  • The AI Landscape: Present and Future
  • Data Alchemy Decoded: Data Intelligence and Architecting for Data Value
  • The Future of Data and Intelligence
  • Endnotes