Demystifying Code Halos through the Lens of IoT

  • 24m
  • Mohammed Hashim
  • EMC
  • 2015

This article discusses Code Halo-based tenets of IoT that redefine the lives and functions of individuals, industries, governments, and global organizations.

In this Book

  • Demystifying Code Halos through the Lens of IoT
  • Introduction
  • IoT Impact at a Glance
  • Dynamics of Code Halos
  • Building Blocks
  • Enablers and Barriers
  • Code Halos-Based Services
  • Architecting the Solution
  • Code Halos Delivery Architecture
  • Adoption Challenges
  • IoT Information Management
  • Distributed Business Intelligence for IoT-based Systems
  • Risks and Mitigation
  • IoT in Action in Healthcare
  • Consumer Benefits of IoT
  • Future and Conclusion
  • Technical References Footnotes
  • The Crossroads Model: Winning with Code Halos
  • Functional Reference Model of the IoT
  • Retail Customers Experience of IoT Value
  • Home Health Hub Reference Platform
  • The IoT-based Smarter World