Digital (R)evolution: Strategies to Accelerate Business Transformation

  • 2h 41m
  • Yuri Aguiar
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2020

Why digital transformation is necessary and how to develop and execute a successful digital transformation strategy

Even though the term ‘Digital Transformation’ is prevalent throughout the current business landscape, various misunderstandings and misconceptions are often attached to it. Everyone agrees that digital transformation is essential for any enterprise, but few can define what it actually means to the modern business. Digital transformation does not specifically or exclusively define the consequences of digital technology. The term refers to the fact that technology, which happens to be digital, enables people to solve their traditional problems with digital solutions. It’s not to say that their problems could not be solved using the older methods, they simply prefer the new way. Digital (R)evolution: Strategies to Accelerate Business Transformation explains why digital transformation is necessary and provides a framework for executing an effective implementation strategy.

Filing a significant gap in current knowledge, this timely book helps senior executives and technology leaders create practical strategies which, when correctly applied, lead to successful digital transformation. Author Yuri Aguiar, Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer at The Ogilvy Group, shares his real-world insights on developing new, digital-based business models and internal processes. Written in clear, straightforward language, this valuable guide:

  • Serves as a blueprint for successful digital transformation in any enterprise or organization
  • Addresses the strategy and governance requirements of businesses regardless of industry
  • Features in-depth, firsthand examples of various transformation strategies
  • Explains the factors than cause strategies to succeed or fail

Digital (R)evolution: Strategies to Accelerate Business Transformation is a much-needed resource for C-suite executives, corporate board members, corporate attorneys, investors, and venture capitalists.

About the Author

YURI AGUIAR is the Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer at a large multinational organization, where he helps identify and pursue frameworks for operational excellence while simplifying complex ones. Over his career, he has held several global technology executive positions, including volunteering on the advisory boards of DesignThinking@ Rutgers Center for Innovation Education and

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Drivers of Change
  • Focus and Discipline
  • Idea Incubation
  • Operational Excellence
  • Customer-Driven Change
  • Strategy vs. Execution
  • Hire Captains, Not Kings or Queens
  • Integrated Ecosystems
  • Digital Proficiency and Innovation
  • Are You “Digitally Determined” or “Digitally Distraught”?
  • Use Case—The Smart City
  • Looking Ahead—Runway or Precipice?
  • AI—The Elephant in the Room
  • Afterword