Digital Transformation Success: Achieving Alignment and Delivering Results with the Process Inventory Framework

  • 4h 8m
  • Michael Schank
  • Apress
  • 2023

Discover the key to digital transformation success in this comprehensive guide. In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, companies are promised innovative business models, enhanced customer experiences, and productivity improvements through digital initiatives. However, it's disheartening that 70% of these endeavors fail to meet their goals, resulting in lost investments and frustrated stakeholders.

The root cause of these failures often lies in the lack of alignment across organizations. Achieving alignment is crucial, encompassing both vertical alignment – which involves aligning goals from the CEO down to even low-level single contributors – and horizontal alignment – which enables seamless collaboration across functional areas. To address this challenge, the book introduces Process Inventory, a powerful framework that not only establishes a common language but also aligns resources throughout the organization, driving a new level of operating efficiency and agility necessary to thrive in this digital era.

This comprehensive guide delves beyond guiding principles, providing readers with detailed methods, modeling techniques, operating models, and real-world case studies. By leveraging the Process Inventory framework, organizations can enhance existing disciplines like Change Management, Risk Management, and Operational Excellence, enabling effective digital technology design and propelling them into the forefront of the digital age.

What You'll Learn

  • ​The transformative power of the Process Inventory framework to drive Digital Transformation success by aligning resources, organizational goals, and efforts, leading to unparalleled agility.
  • ​How the Process Inventory serves as the connective tissue that redefines how an organization operates, enabling operational excellence and enhanced efficiency.
  • ​How Process Inventory directly supports the seamless implementation of cutting-edge digital technologies like machine learning, intelligent process automation, and microservices.
  • ​Key best practices, including building and maintaining models, engaging stakeholders, and attaining maximum value from this framework.
  • ​How Process Inventory seamlessly integrates with and elevates existing disciplines such as Process Modeling, Enterprise Architecture, Risk Management, Lean/Six Sigma Process Improvement, Change Management, and Business Architecture.

Who This Book Is For

  • Forward-thinking Business Executives committed to achieving their digital transformation agenda
  • Visionary Leaders, including COOs and CIOs, striving to elevate their organization's efficiency and effectiveness
  • Individual practitioners and teams dedicated to driving transformation strategies and techniques within their organization
  • Process Center of Excellence personnel entrusted with mapping out and managing processes for their organization's success

About the Author

Michael Schank is a Founder and Managing Director of Process Inventory Advisors LLC. He has over 25 years of experience in the Financial Services industry, mainly as a management consultant advising clients on a range of topics, including technology, process, risk, and large-scale business and digital transformations. He has also held leadership roles with prominent banks.

After earning a B.S degree in Operations Management and Information Systems at Northern Illinois University, he spent 13 years of his career at Accenture, focusing on technology and system integration programs. After a technology leadership role at Bank of America, he joined EY and shifted his focus to developing and applying process-driven frameworks to a large range of his financial services clients' transformation challenges. At EY, he established the first US Financial Services Process Excellence practice and has personally driven over $100 million in Process Excellence related services andled delivery teams on many large and complex transformation programs. He subsequently joined Citi as the Head of Process Excellence for the US Personal Bank and instituted the Process Inventory framework as part of the program they set up in response to their 2020 Consent Order.

Michael's new book, "Digital Transformation Success," details how the Process Inventory framework that he developed and perfected can help organizations achieve alignment, which is critical for success in their Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence programs.

Beyond his professional achievements, Michael loves spending time with his teenage children and is an avid reader, runner, and traveler.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • The Key to Digital Transformation Success
  • Overview of the Process Inventory Framework
  • Defining the Digital Transformation Program
  • Driving Operational Excellence
  • Transforming the Change Process
  • The Technology Path to Digitization
  • Strengthening Risk Management
  • The Process Inventory Accountability Model
  • Process Methods and Modeling Rules
  • Modeling Platform and Data Infrastructure
  • References