Drupal 7 Primer: Creating CMS-Based Websites: A Guide for Beginners

  • 3h 4m
  • Todd Kelsey
  • Cengage Course PTR
  • 2012

In the past, in order to make a website, you had to manually assemble all the files and develop a fair amount of technical expertise; however, an open source content management system (CMS) like Drupal can automate and significantly simplify many parts of the process. This book contains an easy-to-understand introduction to related concepts and a series of step-by-step examples that can help you learn how to use Drupal to create and maintain a website. The coverage also includes using a "quick-install" Web hosting account, which can greatly reduce the complexity of installing Drupal. You'll find that this book is written with beginners in mind; no prior expertise is required, except some familiarity with how to browse the Internet and use a PC. By the end of the book, you'll have a working knowledge of content management systems, installing and building a site in Drupal, and various Web promotion tactics that can help you share your new site with the world.

About the Author

Todd Kelsey, PhD., is an internationally-known writer and educator, and has appeared as a featured technical expert on television. As CFTW's CEO, Todd has served as a volunteer/advisor to organizations such as One Laptop Per Child (laptop.org), Meadan (meedan.net), and Kids Caring for Kids (kidscaring4kids.org).

In this Book

  • Why CMS?
  • Learning About Content Management Systems—Starting with Google Sites
  • Exploring CMS: Showcase Sites, Live Demos, and Other Resources
  • CMS Concepts—Visual Tour of a CMS-Based Site
  • Getting Started—One-Click Installation
  • Easy Security—Taming the Monster
  • Configuration
  • Easy Content—Google Ajax Wizards
  • Easy Information—Google Analytics
  • Easy Administration—Ongoing Management
  • Easy Expansion—Adding Content and Menus
  • Modules to Simplify Content Creation
  • Exploring Themes and Modules
  • Promoting Your Site on Social Networks
  • Promoting Your Drupal Site with Social Advertising
  • Integrating Ecommerce: Google Checkout and Other Options