Emerging Research on Monetary Policy, Banking, and Financial Markets

  • 4h 52m
  • Cristi Spulbar, Ramona Birau
  • IGI Global
  • 2019

As more and more emerging markets seek to compete in an ever-growing pool of global competitors, rapidly growing economies are consistently running into issues relating to the proper understanding of fiscal markets. The future of global economics depends on the wellbeing of sustainable economic growth and the expansion of banking systems.

Emerging Research on Monetary Policy, Banking, and Financial Markets is an essential reference source that discusses the complex nature of financial markets and the growth of developing economies. Featuring research on topics such as international markets, transition economies, and financial instability, this book is ideally designed for academicians, students, researchers, policymakers, professionals, financial analysts, and economists interested in the future of reformed worldwide banking systems.

In this Book

  • Determinants of Bank Cost Efficiency in Transition Economies: Evidence for Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, and South-East Asia
  • The Relationship Between Bank Efficiency and Risk and Productivity Patterns in the Romanian Banking System
  • Efficiency in Cooperative Banks and Savings Banks: A Stochastic Frontier Approach
  • Financial Nexus: Efficiency and Soundness in Banking and Capital Markets
  • Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism in Romania Over the Period 2001 to 2012: A BVAR Analysis
  • Analysis of the Monetary Policy Dynamics in Romania Using a Structural Vector Autoregressive Model
  • Inflation Inertia and Inflation Persistence in Romania Using a DSGE Approach
  • Testing Weak-Form Efficiency and Long-Term Causality of the Emerging Capital Markets in Romania, India, Poland, and Hungary
  • Modeling and Estimating Long-Term Volatility of Stock Markets in Romania, Poland, Greece, and USA
  • Analyzing Long-Term Dynamic Causal Linkages and Financial Integration Between the Capital Markets in Romania and Hungary
  • Estimating Long-Term Volatility on National Stock Exchange of India
  • Investigating International Causal Linkages Between Latin European Stock Markets in Terms of Global Financial Crisis: A Case Study for Romania, Spain, and Italy
  • Modeling S&P Bombay Stock Exchange BANKEX Index Volatility Patterns Using GARCH Model
  • Investigating Causal Linkages Between International Stock Markets in Hungary and Austria in Terms of Economic Globalization
  • Analyzing Dynamic Causal Linkages Between Developed Stock Markets of Spain and Canada
  • The Global Implications of Financial Contagion in Developed Capital Markets: Evidence for USA, France, UK, and Germany
  • Investigating Long-Term Behavior of Milan Stock Exchange (Italy)