Enveloping Provocative Practices

  • 23m
  • Jeff Davidson
  • Tony Alessandra
  • 2014

The more things that compete for your time and attention, the larger even small tasks loom perceptually. Everyone today feels the enormity of what they need to get done. Yet, many of the items that you face require only a few minutes each. It's not that bad. With this innovative, humorous, high-energy program you can learn to vanquish procrastination with the best of them!

In this Book

  • Forsake Excuses for Not Becoming Organized
  • Start Simply
  • Leverage Your Milestones
  • Handle Tough Things First
  • Ask Yourself “Will it Be Any Easier Later?”
  • Organize Based on Your Priorities
  • Establish Supporting Goals
  • Stake Your Claim