Everyone Needs a Mentor: Fostering Talent at Work, Third Edition

  • 2h 35m
  • David Clutterbuck
  • CIPD Enterprises
  • 2001

Are you getting the best from talent within your organization? Have you fully realized the potential of your workforce at every level? Have you attempted a mentoring scheme in the past only to see it fall before it got off the ground?

In this age where people are the most important asset to any organization, fostering talent in the workplace has become critical. A well-planned and managed mentoring scheme can provide the support and opportunity needed for any person to learn, develop and ultimately work to his or her full potential.

David Clutterbuck, the leading authority on mentoring, provides detailed and practical advice on every stage of the process from matching mentors and mentees through to identifying when the mentoring relationship should come to an end. He addresses fundamental questions, including:

  • who benefits from mentoring?
  • how formal should the mentoring scheme be?
  • how are mentoring schemes developed and managed?
  • what are the key phases of the mentoring relationship?
  • what problems may be encountered in mentoring programs and relationships?

About the Author

Dr. David Clutterbuck is co-founder and chairman of the ITEM Group Ltd, an employee communications company, Director of European Mentoring Centre and Senior Partner at Clutterbuck Associates. David has advised many hundreds of organizations on setting up mentoring or coaching schemes across the world. He is an international speaker and his previous management books include Everyone Needs a Mentor published by the CIPD and numerous other publications.

In this Book

  • Everyone Needs A Mentor—Fostering Talent at Work, Third Edition
  • Foreword
  • Mentoring in Context
  • Mentoring in the Past Two Decades
  • Models of Mentoring
  • How Formal Should Your Mentoring Scheme Be?
  • Who Benefits From Mentoring?
  • Selecting and Matching Mentors And Mentees
  • Setting up the Mentoring Programme
  • Running the Mentoring Programme
  • Chapter 9: Phases of the Mentoring Relationship
  • Problems of Mentoring Programmes And Relationships
  • Diversity Mentoring
  • Executive Mentoring1
  • Conclusion
  • Useful Contacts
  • Bibliography