Ext JS 3.0 Cookbook: 109 Great Recipes for Building Impressive Rich Internet Applications Using the Ext JS JavaScript Library

  • 2h 53m
  • Jorge Ramon
  • Packt Publishing
  • 2009

Using Ext JS you can easily build desktop-style interfaces in your web applications. Over 400,000 developers are working smarter with Ext JS and yet most of them fail to exercise all of the features that this powerful JavaScript library has to offer.

Get to grips with all of the features that you would expect with this quick and easy-to-follow Ext JS Cookbook. This book provides clear instructions for getting the most out of Ext JS with and offers many exercises to build impressive rich internet applications. This cookbook shows techniques and "patterns" for building particular interface styles and features in Ext JS. Pick what you want and move ahead.

It teaches you how to use all of the Ext JS widgets and components smartly, through practical examples and exercises. Native and custom layouts, forms, grids, listviews, treeviews, charts, tab panels, menus, toolbars, and many more components are covered in a multitude of examples.The book also looks at best practices on data storage, application architecture, code organization, presenting recipes for improving them—our cookbook provides expert information for people working with Ext JS.

About the Author

Jorge Ramon is the Vice President of Development for Taladro Systems LLC, where he has led the design and development of a number of software products for the law industry—including QwikTime and LawDrill.

Jorge has over 16 years of experience as a software developer and has also worked creating web applications, search engines, and automatic-control software. He actively contributes to the software development community through his blog: MiamiCoder.com.

In this Book

  • Preface
  • DOM and Data Types, the Ext JS Way
  • Laying Out a Rich User Interface
  • Load, Validate, and Submit Forms
  • Fun with Combo Boxes and Date Fields
  • Using Grid Panels to Display and Edit Tabular Data
  • More Applications of Grid and List Views
  • Keeping Tabs on Your Trees
  • Making Progress with Menus and Toolbars
  • Well-Charted Territory
  • Patterns in Ext JS