Fear Less: Face Not-Good-Enough to Replace Your Doubts, Achieve Your Goals, and Unlock Your Success

  • 4h 14m
  • Pippa Grange
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2021

In more than 20 years helping leaders and athletes reach their true potential, renowned sports psychologist and culture coach Dr. Pippa Grange has found that even the most successful people experience fears of inadequacy. What sets them apart is their ability to pinpoint their fears and “turn down the volume.”

In Fear Less, Grange walks you through the process of identifying and facing the fears that manifest in perfectionism, jealousy, self-criticism, and harsh judgment, and replacing those fears with acceptance, purpose, passion, or laughter―to name just a few. And she provides effective fear-management techniques for facing moments of critical pressure, including:

  • Processing – through conscious tactics that bring the mind back to where you want it: the job at hand
  • Distraction – deliberately focusing on other tasks when there’s nothing active to be done about what you actually fear
  • Rationalization – drawing on the actual facts and evidence to talk yourself through the situation

Our hidden fears are what make us feel our lives aren’t enough, that prompt us to spend our time worrying about competition, status, and control. Fear is what turns life into a battle, telling us we need to hide our real selves and that we’re not good enough.

Fear Less gives you the tools you need to practice your responses to fear in the same way elite athletes train for and perform at a big game―with equally dramatic results. You’ll gain the knowledge and insight you need to change your perspective and move beyond fear to a place of joy, fulfillment, and meaning.

About the Author

Dr. Pippa Grange is a doctor of sports psychology and a culture coach who has worked with many elite teams, businesses, and individual performers over the past 20 years. She’s credited with playing a major role in England’s unexpected success in the 2018 World Cup. She and her work have also been featured in Quartz, Fox Sports, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, and more.

In this Book

  • Is Your Life a Battlefield?
  • What Kind of Winning are You Doing?
  • What are Your Beliefs About Success?
  • Is Your Environment Fear-full?
  • What Happens to Us in Fear Culture?
  • How (and Why) Our Brains Create Fear
  • Owning In-the-Moment Fear
  • Not-Good-Enough Fear and How To Face It
  • Distorted Fear: Staying Separate
  • Distorted Fear: Jealousy
  • Distorted Fear: Perfectionism
  • Distorted Fear: Self-Criticism
  • Getting into the Mess
  • Replace Fear with a Different Story
  • Replace Fear with Purpose
  • Replace Fear with Surrender
  • Replace Fear with Dreams and Desires
  • Replace Fear with Real Connection
  • Replace Pain with Passion
  • Replace Fear with Laughter