Fibre Channel for SANs

  • 6h 15m
  • Alan F. Benner
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2001

Practical roadmap for designing and deploying a SAN Fibre Channel has come into its own as the defining network architecture for Storage Area Networks (SANs), which are proving critical for managing the volume and complexity of data generated by Internet-era applications. Fibre Channel for SANs, by Dr. Alan F. Benner, shows you how Fibre Channel works, how it integrates with other protocols and systems, and how to implement it to create a SAN for fast access to mass storage. It walks you through the ANSI standard’s 5 levels, from the physical transmission level through interfaces to upper layer protocols, and demonstrates mapping SCSI and IP over Fibre Channel. You get a wealth of timesaving illustrations and practical suggestions for troubleshooting. You learn how to:

  • Build expertise in the standard used by ISPs for Web page storage, and by enterprise data centers for managing multi-Terabyte storage requirements
  • Create bandwidth-sparing solutions for multimedia—voice, video, animation, music—and real-time video conferencing
  • Implement logins and logouts, link services, error detection and recovery, flow control, and more

About the Author

Dr. Alan F. Benner is currently a network architect and designer at IBM’s Zurich Research Laboratory, concentrating on system-level design of communications systems for high-performance and enterprise computing platforms. His most recent work has involved interconnect design for high-performance distributed multiprocessor systems, and architecture definition for the InfiniBandTM architecture for server I/O and clustering.

In this Book

  • Fibre Channel and Storage Area Networks
  • Overview
  • Initialization and Data Transfer
  • FC-0: Physical Interface
  • FC-1:8B/10B, Transmitters, and Receivers
  • Ordered Sets
  • FC-2: Frames
  • FC-2: Sequences and Exchanges
  • Login and Logout Services
  • Classes of Service
  • Link Services
  • Error Detection and Recovery
  • Optional Headers and Special Functions
  • Class 1 Connection Management
  • Flow Control
  • Arbitrated Loop
  • Switch Fabrics
  • FC-4: SCSI and IP over Fibre Channel
  • Future Work: FC-PH-?? and Beyond