Foreign Rights and Wrongs: Selling or Buying Print or Digital Literary Rights Around the World

  • 4h 18m
  • Jan Yager
  • Hannacroix Creek Books
  • 2018

This practical step-by-step guide shows you everything you need to know about selling or buying foreign rights. Written by an international foreign rights expert, this useful book provides the information you need so your book can be translated or sold into additional English language markets. Aimed at authors, publishers, foreign rights managers, literary agents, and even those aspiring to enter the foreign rights field, FOREIGN RIGHTS AND WRONGS goes beyond just describing the do’s and don’ts of selling or buying rights by providing possible contacts, checklists, worksheets, self-quizzes, and informative examples to facilitate foreign rights success.

In Dr. Jan Yager’s FOREIGN RIGHTS AND WRONGS: Selling or Buying Print or Digital Literary Rights Around the World, you will learn:

  • What rights you can sell
  • The life of a foreign book deal
  • How to help a book “travel” better
  • How to more effectively sell foreign rights through your publisher or literary agent
  • How to use foreign agents or co-agents to sell foreign rights
  • How you can sell directly to international publishers
  • How to use major, regional, or key local book fairs to make deals happen
  • The submission process and how to make yours stand out so you land more deals
  • Key contract considerations
  • How to buy rights including potential funding sources to pay for the book's translation/publication
  • What you need to know if you are considering a career in foreign rights
  • Contact information for co-op exhibits, foreign agents, publishing lawyers, international publishers, book fairs, etc.
  • and lots more!

FOREIGN RIGHTS AND WRONGS is filled with anecdotes and examples from the author’s foreign rights expertise, beginning at 25, when she became Director of Subsidiary and Foreign Rights for Grove Press. In the decades since then, Jan has successfully sold one of more books into 35 languages either directly to global publishers or through her network of foreign co-agents. Jan is Director of Foreign Rights for Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc., the press she founded in 1996. She has exhibited at, or attended, major book fairs including the Frankfurt Book Fair, London Book Fair, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Abu Dhabi Book Fair (UAE), Taipei Book Fair (Taiwan), Liber (Spain), Prague Book World, and BookExpo. FOREIGN RIGHTS AND WRONGS is supplemented with the results of the author’s extensive foreign rights survey and in-person or phone interviews with foreign rights agents and managers, CEOs, authors, book publishing lawyers, and literary agents from throughout the U.S. and globally. Some of Jan's many foreign rights accomplishments: selling her own Simon & Schuster title, WHEN FRIENDSHIP HURTS, into 31 languages and selling 11 titles to one publisher in India for five different authors for English print or Tamil editions in a range of genres - nonfiction, fiction, YA & middle grade.

About the Author

Dr. Jan Yager is the author or co-author of 40+ award-winning books including WHEN FRIENDSHIP HURTS, EFECTIVE BUSINESS AND NONFICTION WRITING, GROW GLOBAL, CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN THE PUBLISHING INDUSTRY, THE PRETTY ONE (a novel); THE QUIET DOG (a children’s book illustrated by Mitzi Lyman), and PUT MORE TIME ON YOUR SIDE, among other titles. In addition to coaching, consulting, and agenting foreign rights, Dr. Yager, who has a Ph.D. in sociology from The City University of New York Graduate Center, teaches sociology and criminology college courses at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. A professional speaker, Dr. Yager conducts webinars, workshops, and delivers keynote addresses on foreign rights, getting published, and her other subject matter areas of expertise including friendship and business.

For more on Dr. Jan Yager, or to contact her, go to:, or or send her an e-mail directly: jyager [@]

In this Book

  • Selling Books Internationally: The Excitement, Revenue, and Challenges of Foreign Rights
  • What Rights can You Sell?
  • The Life of a Foreign Book Deal
  • Helping a Book to "Travel" Better
  • Preparing Foreign Rights Sales Materials and Submissions
  • Selling Foreign Rights through Your Publisher or Literary Agent
  • Using Foreign Agents or Co-Agents to Sell Foreign Rights
  • Direct to Buyer: Selling to International Publishers
  • Using Websites, Social Media, and Publicity to Generate Foreign Sales
  • Book Fairs: Exhibiting, Co-Op Exhibiting, or Attending
  • The Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF)
  • Beyond Frankfurt: Other Major, Regional, and Key Local Book Fairs
  • Before You Say "Yes!" Key Contract Considerations
  • Negotiating Basics
  • After the Contract is Signed: Getting Paid, Translated, and Published
  • Communicating Internationally and Thinking Globally
  • Buying Foreign Rights
  • If You are Considering a Career in Foreign Rights
  • Summing Up