Getting Bogged down? How to Avoid Project Overload

  • 8m
  • Jeff Davidson
  • Tony Alessandra
  • 2010

Whether you volunteered to head up your current project or were assigned to it, whether you eagerly anticipate going into work the next day or dread it, it is highly important to keep your goal as project manager in perspective. Managing a project and managing it well routinely lead to other things. These include managing larger projects, being promoted as a supervisor, manager, or department head, and earning increases in pay, bonuses, and other perks.

Maybe you were given the role of project manager because no one else was around, but more often than that, it is because someone higher up in your organization believed that you could do the job. Perhaps you are being groomed to take on even greater levels of responsibility.

In this Book

  • Participating on More than One Project at a Time
  • Complexity Happens
  • A Tale of Two Offices
  • Reporting to More than One Boss at a Time
  • Workaholic for Hire
  • Don't Wimp Out on Yourself
  • Asserting Yourself in Dire Situations