Green Finance and Sustainability: Environmentally-Aware Business Models and Technologies

  • 16h 14m
  • Zongwei Luo (ed)
  • IGI Global
  • 2011

The green movement refers to an emphasis on goods and services considered to inflict minimal or no harm on the environment, that have provided a low carbon roadmap to economic growth disassociated from greenhouse gas and other polluting emissions.

Green Finance and Sustainability: Environmentally-Aware Business Models and Technologies is devoted to examining a range of major issues concerning green finance and sustainability clustered into five sections on emerging environmentally aware business models, regulation and standard development, green ICT for sustainability, green finance and the carbon market, green manufacturing, logistics and SCM, and regional low carbon development. This book appears at the right time for field and is written to bring insights and enlarge researchers' view into this urgent and import field.

About the Editor

Zongwei Luo is a senior researcher at the E-business Technology Institute, The University of Hong Kong (China). Before that, he was working at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center in Yorktown Height (NY, USA). He also served as the Affiliate Senior Consultant to ETI Consulting Limited. His research has been supported by various funding sources, including China NSF, HKU seed funding, HK RGC and HK ITF. His research results have appeared in major international journals and leading conferences. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Applied Logistics and serves as an associate editor and editorial advisory board member in many international journals. Dr. Luo’s recent interests include applied research and development in the area of service science and computing, innovation management and sustainable development, technology adoption and risk management and e-business model and practices, especially for logistics and supply chain management.

In this Book

  • Towards the Transition to a Post-Carbon Society: The Crisis of Existing Business Models?
  • Environmental Standardization for Sustainability
  • Promoting Technological Environmental Innovations: What is the Role of Environmental Regulation?
  • Quantifying Sustainability: Methodology for and Determinants of an Environmental Sustainability Index
  • Greener Data Centres in the Netherlands
  • Information Technology Resources Virtualization for Sustainable Development
  • An Introduction to the Green IT Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic IT Management System
  • A New Recommendation for Green IT Strategies: A Resource–Based Perspective
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Building Knowledge Processes in Vulnerable Ecosystems: A Case for Sustainability
  • MSP430 Microcontroller: A Green Technology
  • Toward a Conceptual Model for Sustainability and Greening through Information Technology Management
  • Price Relationships in the EU Emissions Trading System
  • Carbon as an Emerging Tool for Risk Management
  • Voluntary Emissions Reduction: Are We Making Progress?
  • GHG Emissions from the International Goods Movement by Ships and the Adaptation Funding Distribution
  • Emissions Trading at Work: The EU Emissions Trading Scheme and the Challenges for Large Scale Auctioning
  • A Pragmatic Profile Approach to Evaluating Environmental Sustainability Investment Decisions
  • Green Logistics: Global Practices and their Implementation in Emerging Markets
  • The Impact of Sustainability-Focused Strategies on Sourcing Decisions
  • Green Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Greener Transportation Infrastructure: Theoretical Concepts for the Environmental Evaluation of Airports
  • A Conceptual Model for Greening a Supply Chain through Greening of Suppliers and Green Innovation
  • An Environmentally Integrated Manufacturing Analysis Combined with Waste Management in a Car Battery Manufacturing Plant
  • The Impact of Electricity Market and Environmental Regulation on Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) Development in China
  • A Critical Assessment of Environmental Degeneration and Climate Change: A Multidimensional (Political, Economic, Security) Challenge for China's Future Economic Development and its Global Reputation
  • Study on Low-Carbon Economy Model and Method of Chinese Tourism Industry
  • Government Policies and Private Investments Make for a Bright Cleantech Future in India
  • Building a Sustainable Regional Eco System for Green Technologies: Case of Cellulosic Ethanol in Oregon