GUTS: Greatness under Tremendous Stress: A Navy SEAL's System for Turning Fear into Accomplishment

  • 3h 41m
  • Brian E. Hiner
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2021

A Navy SEAL veteran’s battle-tested guide for developing resilience, overcoming obstacles, and living life to its fullest

What does it take to set a goal or have a dream, and then actually achieve it? What does it take to turn fear and stress into foresight, motivation, and action? It takes GUTS. No one knows this better than decorated Navy SEAL veteran Brian “Iron Ed” Hiner. During more than 20 years of service, Hiner witnessed the paralyzing power of fear firsthand―not just on the battlefield but in every aspect of our lives. He also learned that it’s possible to overcome those fears and turn negative self-doubt into positive accomplishments. Even more, he knows that anyone can do it―if you have GUTS.

GUTS: Greatness Under Tremendous Stress―is more than a motivation guide. It’s a complete life-changing program full of powerful, transformational strategies straight from the Navy SEAL playbook. It’s like a personal boot camp for retraining the brain, breaking bad habits and thought patterns, taking risks and turning apathy into action. Whether it’s starting a business or changing careers, leading a team or getting fit, this book supplies all the basic training you need to change your relationship with fear, thrive in adversity, develop resilience, and accomplish your greatest goals. It doesn’t take a miracle―it takes GUTS.

About the Authors

Brian “Iron Ed” Hiner is a decorated Navy SEAL veteran officer with more than 20 years of distinguished service. He is among the most experienced trainers in SEAL history, having trained and qualified thousands of Navy SEALs as a Navy Special Warfare Training Officer. The recipient of two bronze stars with “V” for valor in combat, he is featured in Ken Blanchard’s Leading at a Higher Level and Dick Couch’s Sheriff of Ramadi. Ed received his undergraduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated from Officers Candidate School with Honors. He holds a master’s degree in executive leadership from the University of San Diego. He is also a leadership consultant and author of the Los Angeles Times bestseller First, Fast, Fearless.

In this Book

  • Introduction—The Origin of GUTS (Greatness under Tremendous Stress)
  • They Wear Dresses, but They Don't Dance—Understanding Fear, Our Greatest Adversary
  • It's Your Gut—Taking Extreme Ownership of the Outcome
  • On the “X”—Using Live Ammo and Brutal Honesty to Achieve Excellence
  • Always Ready—Achieving and Maintaining a State of Front Sight Focus
  • First Strike Mindset—Developing Language Discipline
  • The Habit of Winning—When Second Place isn't Good Enough
  • Getting Physical—Build the Body to Support the Mind
  • State of Mind—The Engine of Performance
  • Into the Cockpit—Piloting Your Body/Mind Machine
  • Luck by Design—Using Multipliers to Shape the Battlefield
  • Planning—Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail
  • AWE—Awaken the Warrior Energy
  • Notes
  • Excerpt