Handbook of Research on Challenges in Public Economics in the Era of Globalization

  • 12h 35m
  • Başak Ergüder, Şahin Akkaya
  • IGI Global
  • 2022

Over time, public goods, services, and policies have been developed for the welfare of people all over the world, and public finance in particular focuses on challenging issues that are significantly important for the common good of humanity. It is a plausible argument that public economics should be focused on dealing with new challenging issues such as global health crises, global warming, and internet architecture.

The Handbook of Research on Challenges in Public Economics in the Era of Globalization evaluates a variety of new challenging issues that have directly affected the world economy in terms of the economic units, institutions, and social life. Covering topics such as democratic decentralization, economic instability, and global health issues, this major reference work is a valuable resource for economists, international business leaders, government officials, sociologists, libraries, researchers, academicians, educators, and students.

About the Author

Şahin Akkaya, having his BA, MA and PhD degrees in the field of Public Finance, has been working at Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics since 1985. He teaches environmental economics, the theory of public finance, tax theory and policy, globalization and fiscal system, taxation and welfare, and international public finance in undergraduate and graduate programs of public finance. Dr. Şahin Akkaya, who studies especially in the fields of international public finance, global public goods, tax policy, environmental economics and carbon tax, has many academic studies on these subjects. He has published three academic books in the fields of environmental taxes and tax policies in the globalization age. His latest article written with Dr. Aycan Hepsağ “Does fuel tax decrease carbon dioxide emissions in Turkey? Evidence from an asymmetric nonlinear cointegration test and error correction model” was published in Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

Başak Ergüder currently works as an academic at Istanbul University. She is an associate professor of public finance. She has BA degree in Econometrics and MA degree in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations. She received her PhD in public finance. She has been working at Istanbul University since 2008. She teaches public finance, urban economics, history of finance and, financial crisis in Ottoman economics. Her doctoral dissertation entitled “Galata Hans: The Adventure of Money” was published by SAV Publications. She has published and co-authored articles on various issues in edited book volumes and a number of academic journals in Turkish and English. Başak is Editorial Board member of the Journal of Labor and Society (published by Brill, US). Her research focuses on political economy of Istanbul, urban commons and the history of finance. Her latest publication is a book chapter she authored, “The Past and President of Düyun-u Umumiye: A Comparative Analysis of Economic Institutions” published in Handbook of Research on Institutional, Economic, and Social Impacts of Globalization and Liberalization.

In this Book

  • Preface
  • The Commons Problem
  • Do the New Global Challenging Issues Make Us Desperate?—Global Perspectives From Global Health Issues to Space and Cyberspace
  • Economic Instability as Global Public Bad
  • Glocalization of Human Rights—Implications of COVID-19 Pandemic and Globalisation on Human Rights Principles
  • The Public Frontier of Space—Reasons for State Intervention in Asteroid Mining
  • Knowledge as a Public Good in the Internet Age
  • The Prisoner’s Dilemma During the COVID-19 Pandemic—A Limited Economic Effect or Lower Mortality?
  • The Better Life Index and the Fiscal Policies During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • The Financial Impact of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic—An Example Budget and Borrowing of Turkey
  • Internationalization in Health Services—Major Challenges
  • Are Green Bonds Really Green?
  • Green Economy Policies and Financing the Green New Deal
  • Environmental Policies for Green Cryptocurrency Mining
  • To Politicize or Not to Politicize—Explaining Variation in EU Trade Contestation
  • Performance Measurement and Social Security Policy in Local Governments
  • Urban Spaces and the Public Sphere—Institutional Design of Democratic Decentralization
  • Optimal VAT on Financial Services—A Theoretical Model of Financial VAT
  • The Republic of Moldova in the Context of Governing the Sustainable Innovation Process in the Region
  • Social Enterprises—The Challenge of Internationalization
  • Do Trade Creation and Trade Diversion Effects Differ Due to the Income Levels of Countries in the Era of Globalization?
  • A Comparative Study of Islamic Fiscal Instrument Securitization from History to the Modern Age—Esham, Sukuk, and Cash Waqf Linked Sukuk (CWLS)
  • Compilation of References