Handbook of Research on Data Science for Effective Healthcare Practice and Administration

  • 12h 24m
  • Amir Albadvi, Behrouz H. Far (eds), Bijan Raahemi, Elham Akhond Zadeh Noughabi
  • IGI Global
  • 2017

Data science has always been an effective way of extracting knowledge and insights from information in various forms. One industry that can utilize the benefits from the advances in data science is the healthcare field.

The Handbook of Research on Data Science for Effective Healthcare Practice and Administration is a critical reference source that overviews the state of data analysis as it relates to current practices in the health sciences field. Covering innovative topics such as linear programming, simulation modeling, network theory, and predictive analytics, this publication is recommended for all healthcare professionals, graduate students, engineers, and researchers that are seeking to expand their knowledge of efficient techniques for information analysis in the healthcare professions.

In this Book

  • Benchmarking of the Maintenance Service in Health Care Organizations
  • Optimization of Maintenance in Critical Equipment in Neonatology
  • Applications of Operations Research in Production and Distribution Management of Pharmaceutical Products
  • A Simulation Model for Resource Balancing in Healthcare Systems
  • The Applications of Simulation Modeling in Emergency Departments: A Review
  • Analyzing Interval Systems of Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus Type I Infection of CD4+ T-Cells
  • Global Dynamics of an Immunosuppressive Infection Model Based on a Geometric Approach
  • Strategic Analytics to Drive Provincial Dialysis Capacity Planning: The Case of Ontario Renal Network
  • Non–Parametric Statistical Analysis of Rare Events in Healthcare: Case of Histological Outcome of Kidney Transplantation
  • Regression-Based Methods of Phase-I Monitoring Surgical Performance Using Risk-Adjusted Charts: An Overview
  • Machine Learning Applications in Cancer Therapy Assessment and Implications on Clinical Practice
  • Application of Data Mining Techniques in Clinical Decision Making: A Literature Review and Classification
  • New Features Extracted From Renal Stone NCCT Images to Predict Retreatment After Shock Wave Lithotripsy (SWL)
  • Applications of Image Processing in Laparoscopic Surgeries: An Overview
  • Leveraging Applications of Data Mining in Healthcare Using Big Data Analytics: An Overview
  • Overview of Big Data in Healthcare
  • Notifiable Disease Databases for Client Management and Surveillance
  • Brain-Machine Interface: Human-Computer Interaction
  • A Case-Based-Reasoning System for Feature Selection and Diagnosing Asthma