Handbook of Research on Effective Project Management through the Integration of Knowledge and Innovation

  • 15h 51m
  • Armando Malheiro da Silva, Fernanda Ribeiro (eds), George Leal Jamil, Sérgio Maravilhas Lopes
  • IGI Global
  • 2015

The field of project management experiences conceptual, technological, and decision issues when projects are created, implemented, and executed without the needed strategic connection. It is important to improve the connection between knowledge management and project management practices.

The Handbook of Research on Effective Project Management through the Integration of Knowledge and Innovation bridges the gap between knowledge management and project management practices by providing both classical and modern views on their relationship. Discussing principles, practices, methods, and real case studies, this book describes the importance of aligning projects with a knowledge-based strategic plan to the benefit of practitioners, professionals, scholars, and researchers in the fields of management and information science.

About the Editors

George Leal Jamil has a post-doctoral degree by Faculdade de Letras of Universidade do Porto, PhD in Information Science from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Master degree in Computer Science (UFMG), and BSc in Electrical Engineering (UFMG). He has written books, chapters, and papers about topics regarding information technology and strategic management. Council member of journals and congresses, with main research interests in information systems management, strategy, knowledge management, and software engineering, marketing, and information technology adoption in business contexts. He also works as a consultant in these areas.

Sérgio Maravilhas Lopes is a post-doctoral researcher at UFBA, Brazil, in Industrial Property and Innovation with a PNPD/CAPES Scholarship (Research Grant). He has a PhD in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms (UA + UP), a Master in Information Management (FEUP and Sheffield University, UK), a Postgraduate Course in ICT (FEUP), a Specialization in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (FEUP and North Carolina State University, USA), and a 5 years Degree in Philosophy, Educational Branch (FLUP). A Teacher and Trainer since 1998, he has worked at ESE - IPP as a Supervisor at the Internet@School project between 2002 and 2005, and a university teacher since 2005 at Aveiro University (DEGEI), and since 2010 at ULP and IESFF in Masters and MBA levels. Teaches Marketing, Research Methods, Creative Processes in Innovation, Intellectual and Industrial Property, Technology Watch, Information Management, and Organizational Behaviour in universities, and he’s a trainer in ICT, Sales, Negotiation, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Publishes and attends conferences mainly in the subjects of patent information, innovation, ICT, marketing, Web 2.0, Webradio, and sustainability.

Armando Malheiro da Silva (born 1957) in an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (Portugal) and member of the research centre CETAC.MEDIA. He got a degree in Philosophy and another in History and obtained the diploma of the Librarian-Archivist Course from the University of Coimbra. His PhD is in Contemporary History in the University of Minho. He shares his research through some areas such as information science, meta-analysis, political and ideological history of Portugal in the 19th-20th centuries, family history, and local studies.

Fernanda Ribeiro (born 1958) is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Porto (Portugal) and scientific coordinator of the research centre CETAC.MEDIA. Previously worked as an archivist at the Municipal Archives of Porto. She got a degree in History and obtained the diploma of the Librarian-Archivist Course from the University of Coimbra. Her PhD in Information Science is from University of Porto with a dissertation entitled The Access to Information in Archives. During the last 25 years, she devoted her academic research to access and retrieval of information in archives, subject indexing, classification, theory and methodology of information science, as well as LIS professional training.

In this Book

  • Perspectives of Big Data Analysis for Knowledge Generation in Project Management Contexts
  • Implementing and Managing an Information Strategy Project: The Case of a Real Estate Broker Organization
  • Information Management in Project Management: Theoretical Guidelines for Practical Implementation
  • Knowledge Management Approaches and Their Contributions to the Generation and Management of Innovation
  • The Tacit Knowledge-Centric Innovation: Toward the Key Role of Customer Experiential Knowledge
  • ICT Strategic Project Management
  • The Relationships Between Project Management and Knowledge Management: Where We Can Find Project Knowledge Management in the Project Management Process
  • Outlining the Value of Cognitive Studies in Increasing the Strategic Management within Organizations
  • The Involvement of New Ideas in Products and Services Innovation: A Technological Approach
  • Science 2.0: A New Age to Scientific Information Management
  • From Project's Information Management to Project-Based Organizational Learning: The Role of Knowledge Sharing
  • A Model to Integrate Concepts of Project Management with Innovation and Knowledge Management
  • Innovation Management Based on Customer Satisfaction: The Grounds for Decisions in Scenario of the Knowledge Society
  • Innovation: The Key for Creating and Sharing Knowledge
  • Innovation Management Based on Knowledge: Analysis of Technology-Based Defense Companies
  • Harnessing Knowledge Integration in IS Design for Innovation Facilitation
  • Knowledge Sharing and IT/Business Partnership: An Integrated View of Risk Management
  • The Roles of Information Technology and Knowledge Management in Project Management Metrics
  • How Knowledge, Technology, and Project Management Processes in Brazilian Universities Help Innovation in Industry
  • How's ICT Project Management Going in Portugal?
  • Project Management in Library and Information Science: An Application in University Library Context
  • Infrastructures of Knowledge Sharing Countrywide
  • Organizational Change through Information Systems: Metavision-Project Management Model in Internet Banking
  • The Portuguese University: Knowledge Leverage towards Innovation
  • Successful Integration of Knowledge for Innovation: A Case Study of Opportunities for Product Development Partnerships in Brazil
  • Organizational Knowledge and Innovation: The Cost per Flight Hour in the Portuguese Air Force