Handbook of Research on Emerging Business Models and Managerial Strategies in the Nonprofit Sector

  • 12h 30m
  • Andrew Worthington, Lindy Lou West
  • IGI Global
  • 2017

Modern businesses exist in a dynamic and increasingly competitive realm. To remain viable, organizations must constantly adopt new methods and processes to optimize productivity and workflow.

The Handbook of Research on Emerging Business Models and Managerial Strategies in the Nonprofit Sector is a comprehensive reference source for the latest scholarly information on management tools, analytics, and infrastructures for contemporary nonprofit organizations. Highlighting a range of multidisciplinary topics such as crowdfunding, shared value creation, and human resource development, this publication is ideally designed for managers, professionals, students, researchers, and academics interested in enhancing process management in nonprofit businesses.

In this Book

  • Big Data in Higher Education
  • Shared Value Creation for Sustainability in Not-for-Profit Organisations
  • Integrating Theory and Practice to Identify Contemporary Best Practice Factors in USA Not-for-Profits
  • The "Private Face" of Nonprofits: Legal and Ethical Human Resource Practices
  • Running Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns for Non-Profits
  • Project Portfolio Management: Tool for Strategy Implementation in Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Business Applications of Big Data: Considerations for Not-for-Profits
  • Banding Organization, Management, and Leadership Theories to Identify Managerial Strategies
  • Crowdfunding for Non-Profits: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Evaluation of Theories and Information System Adoption Drivers in Government Organizations: Using a Systematic Literature Review Process
  • Investigating Factors Influencing Third Sector Social Enterprise Managers’ Career Orientations: A Conceptual Framework
  • Online Disclosure of Social Responsibility Strategies: Perceptions and Reality Among Nonprofit Organisations
  • Social Media Use by Chambers of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) in Turkey
  • New Perspectives: Not-for-Profit Organizations in the Advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Re-Inventing the Social Business Model: New Opportunities for the Third Sector Organizations in Italy
  • Exploring Philanthropic Foundations’ Motivations and Managerial Model of Strategic Change from Grant-Making to Impact Investing
  • The Regulatory Environment of Non-Profit Higher Education and Research Institutions and Its Implications for Managerial Strategy: The Case of Medical Education and Research
  • Operational Challenges in Hybrid Organizations: Insights for Future Research
  • Social Impact Measurement and Management: Between Theory and Practice
  • Business Model Development for Stability, Sustainability, and Resilience
  • A Business-Like Strategic Model That Works? Lessons Learned From Non-Profit Incubator in China