Handbook of Research on Machine Learning Innovations and Trends, Volume II

  • 12h 29m
  • Aboul Ella Hassanien, Tarek Gaber (eds)
  • IGI Global
  • 2017

Continuous improvements in technological applications have allowed more opportunities to develop automated systems. This not only leads to higher success in smart data analysis, but it increases the overall probability of technological progression.

The Handbook of Research on Machine Learning Innovations and Trends is a key resource on the latest advances and research regarding the vast range of advanced systems and applications involved in machine intelligence. Highlighting multidisciplinary studies on decision theory, intelligent search, and multi-agent systems, this publication is an ideal reference source for professionals and researchers working in the field of machine learning and its applications.

In this Book

  • Swarm Intelligence Based on Remote Sensing Image Fusion: Comparison between the Particle Swarm Optimization and the Flower Pollination Algorithm
  • Grey Wolf Optimization-Based Segmentation Approach for Abdomen CT Liver Images
  • 3D Watermarking Approach Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  • Particle Swarm Optimization: A Tutorial
  • A Comparison of Open Source Data Mining Tools for Breast Cancer Classification
  • 2D and 3D Intelligent Watermarking
  • Differential Evolution Algorithm with Space Reduction for Solving Large-Scale Global Optimization Problems
  • Interpreting Brain Waves
  • Data Clustering Using Sine Cosine Algorithm: Data Clustering Using SCA
  • Complex-Valued Neural Networks: A New Learning Strategy Using Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Text Classification: New Fuzzy Decision Tree Model
  • PAGeneRN: Parallel Architecture for Gene Regulatory Network
  • Hybrid Wavelet-Neuro-Fuzzy Systems of Computational Intelligence in Data Mining Tasks
  • On Combining Nature-Inspired Algorithms for Data Clustering
  • A Fragile Watermarking Chaotic Authentication Scheme Based on Fuzzy C-Means for Image Tamper Detection
  • New Mechanisms to Enhance the Performances of Arabic Text Recognition System: Feature Selection
  • Bio-Inspired Optimization Algorithms for Arabic Handwritten Characters
  • Telemetry Data Mining Techniques, Applications, and Challenges
  • Enhanced Breast Cancer Diagnosis System Using Fuzzy Clustering Means Approach in Digital Mammography
  • TAntNet-4: A Threshold-Based AntNet Algorithm with Improved Scout Behavior
  • Digital Images Segmentation Using a Physical-Inspired Algorithm
  • A Proposed Architecture for Key Management Schema in Centralized Quantum Network
  • Secure Image Processing and Transmission Schema in Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Network
  • Color Invariant Representation and Applications
  • An Efficient Approach for Community Detection in Complex Social Networks Based on Elephant Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  • Designing Multilayer Feedforward Neural Networks Using Multi-Verse Optimizer