Handbook of Research on Tacit Knowledge Management for Organizational Success

  • 13h 10m
  • Dhouha Jaziri-Bouagina, George Leal Jamil
  • IGI Global
  • 2017

Continuous improvements in businesses practices have created enhanced opportunities for growth and development. This not only leads to higher success in day-to-day profitability, but it increases the overall probability of success for organizations.

The Handbook of Research on Tacit Knowledge Management for Organizational Success is a pivotal reference source for the latest advancements and methodologies on knowledge administration in the business field. Featuring extensive coverage on relevant areas such as informal learning, quality management, and knowledge acquisition, this publication is an ideal resource for practitioners, marketers, human resource managers, professors, researchers, and students seeking academic material on knowledge management techniques.

In this Book

  • The Tacit Knowledge Through the Customer Experience: Conceptualization, Externalization Methods, and Use Application to Tunisian Thalassotherapy Centers
  • Expliciting Tacit Knowledge: Exploring an Uncharted Path for a Questionable Trip
  • Knowledge Management Cycle
  • Organizational Social Context: The Foundation of Tacit Knowledge Management
  • The Marketing of Information and Knowledge Management
  • Institutionalization of Informal Learning Behaviors for Effective Tacit Knowledge Management
  • Personal Interaction Drives Innovation: Instrumental Guanxi-Based Knowledge Café Approach
  • The Tacit Knowledge and the Knowledge Management Processes: Developing a Relationship-Based Knowledge Matrix Using Simulation to Improve Performance
  • TQM and Knowledge Management: An Integrated Approach Towards Tacit Knowledge Management
  • Can Tacit Knowledge be Shared on Cloud? An Opportunity for Viability From PBL
  • Tacit Knowledge in Maker Spaces and Fab Labs: From Do It Yourself (DIY) to Do It With Others (DIWO)
  • Tacit Knowledge as a Driver for Competitiveness
  • Sharing Managerial Tacit Knowledge: A Case Study of Managers Working in Malaysia's Local Government
  • The Role of Human Resources (HR) in Tacit Knowledge Sharing
  • Relationship Between the Motivational Language of School Administrators and Tacit Knowledge Sharing of Teachers
  • Understanding Tacit Knowledge in Decision Making
  • Management of Tacit Knowledge and the Issue of Empowerment of Patients and Stakeholders in the Health Care Sector